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    The International GS Trophy is a celebration of the #spiritofGS, bringing together those elements of adventure and challenge that this bike engenders.
    The #gstrophy 2020 in New Zealand is the seventh edition of the International GS Trophy, the previous editions took place in Central Asia (Mongolia) in 2018, South East Asia (Thailand) in 2016, North America (Canada) in 2014, South America (Chile, Argentina) in 2012, South Africa (SA, Swaziland, Mozambique) in 2010 and North Africa (Tunisia) in 2008.

    This edition will see 19 teams – maybe even 20 – competing, meaning 54-57 riders, from around the world.

    The event is not a race but a team competition, pitching the GS-riding international contingent against each other in a series of challenges – and not all involve riding. With the competitors camped nightly in a bivouac, the event also fosters a sense of brotherhood, sisterhood and camaraderie. Equally the GS Trophy is a celebration of culture and nature, the riders learning about and understanding the peoples and the terrains of the regions they encounter. So the successful team will be respectful of the environment, skillful with their machinery and understanding their team-mates.

    Find out more at http://www.gstrophy.com


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    thanks for sharing this great news! 😀


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    Wow! That’s great. Do you know where it will be held? Desert Road might make sense.
    Here’s ‘onherbike’ at the Mongolia GS challenge – good watch. A few episodes. Hopefully
    you’ll be prompted towards each subsequent episode, if you want to continue watching.

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