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44th Cold Kiwi – 2019

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    44th COLD KIWI – 2019. Part one
    The last Kiwi I went to (2017) was a mud fest, & while the organisers promised for the next year that they’d install a gravel road leading into the site, I’d decided that I’d give it a skip for a while ‘til they’d got it sorted. I’d done just under 30 Kiwis since 1981, so really didn’t feel an urge to go back, unless things improved.

    When the site changed, I thought I’d give it a year to settle down.

    So when MD suggested we hit it again this year, I was ready for it.

    Packed carefully over the week prior. Careful checklists, meal plans, the whole nine yards. So after I arrived at Raumati, & got a text from Mrs Box.a.bits noting I’d left the weekends food in the chilly bin on the bench, I was a bit…vexed. Some rude words may have been percolating.

    Only a ½ hr trip back, & then another ½ hr over that stretch of road. Three times on that road – a really pleasant sunny day.

    But some uncertainty I’d catch up with the crew at Hyde Park. Fortunately they were still there, AND there was time for a quick coffee. Quite civilised really. MD, Bill (on a new to him DR650 solo), & George (on a very clean R100 mono rig, with a sister Chang Jiang tub).

    MD set the route for the day. The first section was a trip thru memory lane on roads I never travel now. Under Whirokino Bridge, between the stopbanks, through some backroads behind the Foxton / Himitangi stretch of SH1 (that I remember hooning on in mum’s Mk1 Cortina), through Bainesse, nr Glen Oroua (where we used to go Duckshooting), past the Rongotea cemetery intersection (my grand dad had a heart attack & died opposite the cemetery), across to Mt Stewart (umm… close to running out of gas, guys – you know those extra kms?). Halcombe (Bro lived just up the road), & a wee break under the bridge to stop Steve getting ‘Hangry’. First gas at Marton. 252 kms without switching to reserve – a new sidecar record for Gus…

    Galphins Rd thru to Taurimu Rd. Lost George here. He launched a pannier in the corrugations, but failed in his attempt to clean bowl Bill. Fended away (at the last minute) from the front wheel. George decided after that incident to continue on his own along the sealed main roads.

    Linked across to Turakina Valley Rd, & then across to Whangaehu Valley Rd.

    Just before the rain settled in we startled what we think were a flock of white cockatoos. These eventually roosted across the river valley from us, quite distinctive sitting in the treetops.

    Linked Whangaehu Valley Rd across to Turakina Valley Rd, via Owhakura Rd. Then the final sprint up the last portion of Turakina Valley Rd, & right to the site.

    Gaining access to the site was not quite so straight forward. I’d prepaid, & expected my phone would provide the entry email. Fail. No Spark coverage at the gate. Bugger…

    The new site is much better, on well drained rolling sheep farm country, in a large paddock. The ground was a bit saturated in pockets from the rain, but generally no issues.

    Set up camp, MD erected the all important Pirate Flag, & I burned dinner. The chilli hadn’t thawed yet, & the stove was a little hard to get to a temperature commensurate to a gentle reheat. Perfect.

    Stolen from farcebook from Barbara Lyndsell.

    Ok, out of order, but a good photo of the three sidecars & our portion of the site

    The band for the night was ‘The Blistered Fingers’ from the ‘Naki. We sat outside in the misty drizzle, on borrowed plastic seats, & enjoyed the view, & sound from back stage. People pay a lot for back stage passes don’t you know….They were bloody good.

    Crashed early, but was cold. My internal thermostat is still resetting from the gallbladder op. I generally pile all my gear on top of the sleeping bag, but didn’t because much of it was damp. I thought my damp socks would dry out in the sleeping bag, but they just made my feet colder. And I was kept awake by the hoons revving the snot out of their bikes until 3.30am. Seemed that was important… to someone.

    • Town/City: Wellington
    • Bike: BMW R80 G/S, R100GS & M72 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200

    Topics Created: 33
    Replies posted: 186

    Rank: 1200cc Rider

    44th COLD KIWI – 2019. Part Two
    Saturday was fine. Sausages & eggs for breakfast. I was supposed to go off site for a ride somewhere, but was somewhat lacking in energy. Not sure why.

    MD returning from battle – for fire wood for the brazier…

    Spent a bit of time talking with anyone interested in the relative merits of BMW repowered sidecars from Russia, Ukraine, & China. But that became pretty repetitive after a while, so I wandered away.

    Caught up with Bart, & heard that the black DR650 shit the bed just outside Taihape. Looks like 3rd gear issues.

    Rubber necked the bikes. A few photos of the ones I enjoyed.

    Stolen from Barabara Lynsell’s farceboook page

    Note I slipped a photo of the Honda sidecar into this picture. :rofl

    Pensive George…

    Dare I tell this guy he’s got his front guard on backwards?

    Briefly watched the hill climb, but lost interest. Gave some of the other events a swerve. Did watch the burnouts for a bit. The hills formed a natural ampitheatre, so being able to see wasn’t an issue. Missed the supercharged Triumph, which I’ve subsequently seen in video from the day. Bit of a sleeper there…

    Stolen from farce book for your entertainment..

    Gavin’s R80. I need Hippo Hands too…

    Kane & Jo’s R100. I may have an issue with Photographing BMWs. So sue me…

    Dinner was a beautiful piece of Angus Ribeye steak (with actual veggies – well, onion & coleslaw) in a burger. I may be a Masterchef. Perfect

    Saturday night’s band were not so great, so settled into a convivial night round the brazier with this crew. There may have been rum involved.

    • Town/City: Wellington
    • Bike: BMW R80 G/S, R100GS & M72 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200

    Topics Created: 33
    Replies posted: 186

    Rank: 1200cc Rider

    44th Cold Kiwi – 2019. Part Three
    Clear night meant a cold crisp morning. Not so much a frost, as sheets of ice on the tents. Slept better Saturday night. The rum helped, but also someone dealt to the idiot bike thrashers, & I was better prepared & warmer in my tent.

    Brilliant sunrise, & the mountain was pearly white just over the hill.

    Sausages, eggs & chips for breakfast. Very nice, if not that healthy.

    Easy pack up (just pretty much throw stuff in the chair, sort it out at home).

    Ken, MD, & I were joined by Jan, on his K100LT. Into Waiouru for gas, then rip down Turakina Valley Rd (gravel).

    To Kaka Rd (gravel), Koeke Rd (sealed but winding), across to Tiriraukawa Rd (sealed), which runs into Watershed Rd (most excellent Gravel). Jan may have had a brown trousers moment when chunky gravel appeared as a fix to some of the damage logging trucks had made on that road – or he could have just been pulling over for me. Yeah, right.

    Right onto Kiekie Rd, as a backroad to Hunterville. Decided to stop at the Alex Simpson Scenic Reserve for a brew up & quick lunch. Quite a pleasant place, but had more of the cockatoos screeching over head there.

    The others split from me there, to head home – MD & Ken heading down SH1, & Jan down Vineger Hill Rd. I’d not had enough, however, & decided to head round Sandon Block Rd (more logging truck damage in there).

    Then across to Peep’o’day Rd, & through Kimbolton.

    Visited mum & dad for a bit at PNth, then hit the main road at 4.00pm aiming to be home at 5.30 -6.00 – before the light went. Unfortunately hadn’t counted on congestion before Otaki, & after Raumati – which resulted in a slow 3 hr trip. Bugger, might have mucked up on timing a bit…

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    Looks like you had a good ride, that 252km’s, how many litres was that?

    Love the pics, looks like a fun weekend, though never ever go to bed with damp socks as you discovered, and putting your other warm gear under the sleeping bag usually has more effect than putting it over top. One of those silver foil rescue blankets can make a huge difference.

    I can’t do the kiwi at the new site, getting from the tents down the hill to the bar/toilets and back is too much for me so unless they change sites again to something flatter that’s it.

    • Town/City: Wellington
    • Bike: BMW R80 G/S, R100GS & M72 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200

    Topics Created: 33
    Replies posted: 186

    Rank: 1200cc Rider

    Just under 12kms/litre. Got a best of 14kms/litre from the R80 with the Velorex, jetted just off meltdown – pure white plugs. Need a jet between what I’m running now, & what I was running then. Unfortunately a 155 mj is not readily available.

    Was interesting looking at the Aussie sidecar thread (on that other site) where they were talking about what the GSX1400s & XJR1300s got at legal-ish speed limits – 10kms/litre or under…

    Sure you could do the CK. Just ride everywhere. Like a few other people. This is a much flatter site than Horopito, with much better drainage.

    Generally I’m better organised for sleeping – it’s was just that it was wet. I should have dug some more stuff out of the tub before I went to bed. With the EXPED mat, stuff under the sleeping bag would have just made lumps – not helped with insulation.

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