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500 EXC owners report

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    As requested by Mark Claasen – 500 EXC owners review/report:

    Disclaimer: I’m a pretty novice rider, owned a WR250r for 2 years before this beast. Other than that its been farm bikes and a KDX 80 as a little fulla; although I’m no stranger to power as I ride a TF 125 daily (hard hitting blue power band model).

    Well I enjoyed my time on the WR, still think it’s a great bike that people shouldn’t overlook just because its a 250; it did need the go faster bits in my opinion to wake it up.

    The 500 EXC:

    I was concerned about getting a more ‘strung out’ bike (I no longer belive the 500 is), because people are always on about the maintenance schedules blah blah… but I’m not racing the thing bouncing off the rev limiter or getting it super hot; it’s a lightweight adventure/dual sport for me.

    After extensive reading about the 500 as an adventure bike on advrider.com I saw people were pulling them apart at 300hrs to find nothing… some have done over 400hrs no work other than oil filters and valve adjustments (even these didn’t seem to be moving around much). All this put my mind at ease and I finally brought one with 150hrs on it. I found it was burning quite alot of oil… 10w 60 full synthetic $. Changed it to a semi synthetic 10w 40 ATM and its not using any now, might try a 10w 50 next.

    Anyway the bike is a beast… pulls hard and fast through every gear excellent throttle response, power wheelies in 3rd like it aint no thing can pull it up in 4th even. Lots of low and mid range power.

    Breaks are amazing Brembos.

    Light… oh so light feels alot lighter than the WR250R you can just flick it around as you like.

    Handles the open road well even though its geared way shorter than stock ATM, set up for trail riding but it’ll pull hard to 150 clicks then on to over 160. Vibrates alot more than the WR of course but I’ve gotten used to it now; apparently if you have a free flow exhaust it cuts it down a bit and gives even more snap, if I end up getting a slip on pipe I’ll remap to the compition fuel map for maximum brrrrapppps.

    Chews through tyres extra fast but then I am hooning a bit.

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