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    Unknown User
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    Is anyone can recommend an area which is:
    -ideally open for the public or can get access with reasonable conditions and/or fee.
    -ideally covered with gravel but the main thing, it isn’t tarmac.
    -located somewhere nearby or on the North Shore, Auckland
    -enough big to do slow riding in figure eights, accelerating and breaking in a short distance,
    -slow riding slalom around cones

    I am sure, I am not the only one who would like to beef up his skills a bit.
    I would appreciate GPS coordinates or Google map links.

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    I cant speak for any places where you are, but maybe maintaining a map of acceptable muck around areas might be a good idea?

    Having said that, it’s peoples complaints that usually get these places shut down, if it’s slow, quiet and you’re respectful then I don’t think people mind.

    What works for me is:
    Housing developments (after they’ve laid the roads, but before any houses have started being built).
    New highways (not the highways themselves, but there’s usually gravel storage areas nearby, these usually remain empty and unused until the council re purposes it)

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    Hi @enduro0627
    Are you looking for off road skills improvement? or general riding skills improvement?
    What bike do you have?


    Unknown User
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    I would like to hone my bike handling skills on gravel. I have attended 2 riding training so I think I know the drill, just need practicing. My ride is a KLR650.

    • Bike: DL1000XT
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    Hi Enduro0627, did you find any suitable place to practice the gravel skills? I’m looking for the same thing in the Ak area.

    Unknown User
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    Hi @johnson257,
    Nope. The thruth is, I give up on it. I had a good number of try with different places but no luck. The last place I did try to get access is the Navy grounds at the end of Whangaparaoa Peninsula about 1-1.5 months ago. All sorts of groups can get acces to that place but I even got no reply to my email 🙁

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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