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    I know a few local riders have fitted Anderson Plugs to their bikes already and I think it’s a great concept to either jump start your own bike or help a fellow rider if they also have them fitted. I’ve also seen quite a few Australian bikes fitted with these.

    A lot of modern bikes now require a fairly serious disassembly of bodywork and tank to get to the battery so this idea makes a lot of sense, and with modern EFI you can’t bump/crash start a bike if the fuel pump has no power or if the bike has an automatic style gearbox like DCT on the Africa Twin. The battery on the new Africa Twin is so hidden it requires fairly serious surgery to get to as @markh has found.

    Anderson Plugs don’t have a male and female end, they are designed so the same plug is used at each end. The plugs come in 3 sizes, with the smallest size rated at 50amps used for motorcycles.

    Once you have fitted an Anderson Plug, a short lead with an Anderson Plug at each end can be used to jump another motorcycle, or a lead with an Anderson Plug at one end and alligator clips at the other to jump off a car, with the motorcycle lead able to used as an extension.
    At home you can use the Anderson PLug as a connection for a trickle charger.

    The Anderson Plug is wired direct to the battery though I’ll leave wiser minds than mine to advise whether a fuse is recommended/required and what gauge wire needs to be used as electrickery is half black magic, half voodoo to me.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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