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    • Bike: 1998 KTM 620 EGS-E Adventure LC4 , 1989 DR750 BIG , 2007 DR650 (in Aussie)
    • Rank: 250cc Rider

    It all started when an ex army mate from Perth rang up and said, right we’ve turned 40 and we aint dead yet so lets ride across Aussie from west to east, you keen. Of course I was, it was my dream which had started more than 20 years earlier when I brought my DR Big and set it up to do the trip.
    What are we going to ride across ? DR 650’s mate , they are reliable, spare parts easy, crash well and are strong enough to carry all our gear and fuel. We found a 07 DR on Gumtree all setup with 20K on it and only 30km from his house in north perth. I wired him the 6K for it and into his shed it went and sat there waiting for it’s twin friend to come along.

    A couple of weeks later I get an email with a photo of a hot looking Rally Raid KTM 690 with 5K on it and fully setup to cross Aussie, WTF, sorry he said, it was the right price with all the fruit and shit man just look at it, yeah yeah alright it does look sexy BUT what about all the fuel pump issue’s and electrics etc. No problem he said I’ll have all that sorted , lol ok(famous last words).

    We paid our entry fee and shipping for his bike back to Perth after the crossing as I was going to ride around the outside of Aussie and make my way back to Perth in a couple of months.
    We then set about ordering and setting up the bikes ready for this task.

    I’ll run thru my DR650 and what I did and what it had:
    2007 DR650 20K on the clock
    30L safari tank(new bolts and front mount bracket)
    Britania Lynx twin HID light and windscreen
    Reupholstered wider seat
    B&B bash plate
    B&B rear carrier
    Vince Strang front and rear upgraded suspension
    520 X-Ring chain and DR750 15T front sprocket and 45T steel rear sprocket
    Dunlop 606 front and rear tyres
    Michelin UHD front tube 21″, heavy duty rear 17″
    new brake pads front/rear
    new wheel bearings F/R
    new cush drive rubbers/bearing
    Pivot pegs and lowering kit
    Vapor dash
    12V sockets front/rear, USB sockets front
    Acerbis handle bars
    foam grips
    spare air filter element/pool filter socks
    spare tubes F/R
    tyre levers, puncture repair kit,toolkit etc
    TOMCAT compressor
    First aid kit
    Spare throttle cable / clutch cable
    Garmin Montana 650T GPS
    Spot Tracker Gen3
    Wolfman expedition tankbag
    Andystraps Expedetions panniers and racks
    Andystraps rear mount bag
    Gotcha straps
    Ratchet straps (without hooks)
    Tent,sleeping bag,EXPED synmat UL 7 M,tarpaulin
    15L liquid containment fuel bladder
    3L water bladder,2L water bladder,2 x 1.5L waterbottles,2 x 1L bladders
    KTM adventure backpack
    Dririder Multitec jacket, Reusch pants, Oneal Motorcross boots, Grex adventure helmet

    • Bike: 1998 KTM 620 EGS-E Adventure LC4 , 1989 DR750 BIG , 2007 DR650 (in Aussie)
    • Rank: 250cc Rider

    Having trouble uploading photo’s, I’ll figure it out and get back to it

    • Bike: 1998 KTM 620 EGS-E Adventure LC4 , 1989 DR750 BIG , 2007 DR650 (in Aussie)
    • Rank: 250cc Rider

    Bikes together, bare DR650

    • Bike: 1998 KTM 620 EGS-E Adventure LC4 , 1989 DR750 BIG , 2007 DR650 (in Aussie)
    • Rank: 250cc Rider

    The first day consisted of getting us out of Perth safely and up the track to Geraldton or beyond. There was a minimum distance that everyone had to travel each day to enable the sweep truck to keep up with everyone to provide mechanical/medical support.
    The route had been designed for all types of riders and bikes, there was an easy route and hardcore routes and you took whichever you wanted to get you thru.

    We decided that we were taking all the hardcore sections and hit the sand dunes at Lancelin, oh yeah this sorted out who and what machines could handle the sand. Big Triumph 800’s fully loaded just out of the showroom with EO-7’s and K60 scout tyres weren’t doing to well and after picking up several bikes from out of the sand and helping the guys get going again to only fall off 5 meters away took alot of energy away from you and we informed a few guys that they should turn around and take the road.

    Sand is an interesting surface to ride on when fully loaded, I took to it like a duck to water and just kept the rev’s up fed it to the bitch and kept yelling at myself in my helmet, grip the tank, increase speed, Do It just Do It.

    Made it thru the dunes and up the coast with no issues, then we were sent thru tracks that were rock gardens, rocks in Aussie are so sharp and angled just right to smash engine cases,bodies, front rims/tubes and a couple of guy’s epic adventure ended right here after a couple of hours riding. This ride was more about luck and good fortune rather than the best prepared and most experienced rider. Shit happened and it happened everyday.
    We camped at the Murchison River inland from Kalbarri national park for the night and tucked in to our cans of stew and cup of soups lol.

    • Bike: 1998 KTM 620 EGS-E Adventure LC4 , 1989 DR750 BIG , 2007 DR650 (in Aussie)
    • Rank: 250cc Rider

    Day 2 started early with a twat next to us starting up his BMW at 5:30am and leaving it idle for 15 mins, we decided to find our own secluded camp spots from now on. The route from here to the Overlander Roadhouse was big open sandy tracks/roads but a big fuel load was required.

    The roads were interesting to say the least, as you came over a crest the road stretched out in front of you for as far as you could see in a dead straight line but you had to keep your witts about you as the sand changed from hard to soft to corrugated to rocks to bull dust to tarseal(wtf),it was fun.
    The fuel line up at the Overlander was long and it was here we decided we need to keep ahead of the bunch, we had a steak burger and chips with a side of salad as this would be it for a week, only stew and noodles from now on.

    • Bike: 1998 KTM 620 EGS-E Adventure LC4 , 1989 DR750 BIG , 2007 DR650 (in Aussie)
    • Rank: 250cc Rider

    Day 3 started early in an interesting spot, our campsite for the night had been the Murchison river again but this time it was the headwaters of it. There was a sign beside the bridge with an indicator on it of were the floodwaters had reached a few years ago, holy shit was one of the words that come out of our mouths.

    Today we were heading to Meekathara after turning right at the Overlander and heading inland, it was 550km so big fuel loads required. You not only took extra fuel for yourself but your mates as well as anything could happen and it usually did lol. 550km may not sound far but fully loaded in sand you do use fuel !!, the DR was pretty good tho lol.

    We rode thru private stations/land and the station wives put on a feed of scones and biscuits with a cup of coffee for a donation for a fund raiser for their kids to go on a school trip to Canberra. Really nice people who opened up and offered everything and anything they had to help you, I found that with just about all the Aussies I met, they are bloody good people and will help you anyway they can.

    Meekathara was an interesting place, you got your fuel, got your water and a few cans of stew and got back to it. Alcohol has buggered alot of lives in the outback and you dont hang around to find out why.

    • Bike: 1998 KTM 620 EGS-E Adventure LC4 , 1989 DR750 BIG , 2007 DR650 (in Aussie)
    • Rank: 250cc Rider

    day 4 was getting into Carnegie station were we could get fuel, this was were the Gunbarrel started and the adventure starts sinking in. Last night we again slept on a river bank and it had alot of water trickling thru it, there had been alot of rain the week before and it was still hanging round on the surface, huge lakes and massive washouts on the tracks.

    Fuel at Carnegie Station is $2:70L which is bloody cheap considering how far it has to come and the tracks it has to come thru.While filling my tank and bladder the lady says your a bloody kiwi, yep thats right from the Naki, really im from Rotorua, what the hell, what are you doing out here, moved here 15 yrs ago and ask myself everyday lol,no I love the place it gets hold of you and you become part of it. They put on a Steak and sausage feed with salad and 2 bottles of water for $35 on top of our fuel bill and by god that steak tasted really good.

    Apon leaving the station and heading off I noticed my tank vibrating on the corrugations, oh shit yep one of my tank bolts had buggered off. Pulled another out of tank bag and fashioned some rubber washers out of some bits of tube and fitted it then black taped the shit out of it.

    The gunbarrel highway/abandoned gunbarrel is one hell of a ride and will test you and your bike. We camped at a bore site that night with a hand pump that worked and decided that we would have a bit of a wash as um we were starting to smell alittle bit .

    • Bike: 1998 KTM 620 EGS-E Adventure LC4 , 1989 DR750 BIG , 2007 DR650 (in Aussie)
    • Rank: 250cc Rider

    Today started as it had finished the day before in the Gunbarrel, this track is rock reefs,sand, ant hills, big ass rocks and trees that are trying to rip you off your machine. You just picked your line took your chances and accepted that whatever happened happened. We lost a few men in here and a few bikes but everyone made it out to fight another day.

    We put in a big day today and made it out to a place called docker river I think it was, we were expecting a river but it was not to be. We ended up pulling off the road into the bush and found a little spot so set up camp and tucked into a feed. As we were sitting round our fire talking about the days events shit out of the corner of my eye I spotted a ginger bloody dog, oh shit it was a Dingo and luckily he was in good nick, so with a bit of a get the f.. out of here and throwing the odd stick at him he buggered off. He wasn’t afraid of us at all just wanted to know what we were doing on his land I guess.

    The road we were on was supposed to be a national highway, it was worse than some of the tracks we had been on, it was so corrugated the bikes and bodies were taking a hammering.

    • Bike: Suzuki DR650 ADV
    • Rank: 1200cc Rider

    Wicked, I didn’t realise you were doing the APC Rally.

    Mark Claasen
    • Bike: 1200GSA KLR650NE WR450 RMX250, DR750,
    • Rank: 650cc Rider

    How did the rest of the trip go Nools

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