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Babes Ride Out – A motorcycle story

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    From: http://www.rideapart.com/articles/babes-ride-out-gopro-video

    GoPro recently came out with a rad video about women on two wheels. According to Facebook, Babes Ride Out “is an annual all female overnight motorcycle adventure and campout to one of California’s most beautiful destinations that takes place Oct.” Women from all over the US come out to do what the love doing the most: ride.

    Babes Ride Out is one of the biggest all-women group rides I’ve seen—a total of 500 gals came out to the last event to ride the Joshua Tree roads, which is located in southeastern California.

    These women ride bikes of all shapes and sizes—from cruisers to dual sports. In the video, you will see one-on-one interview with some of these women, and they talk about things like how she started riding, the first time riding with another woman, being a mother who rides, and making new friends that become more like family along the way. You also get to see ladies helping one another out (you also see some men help too.) I got goosebumps when they talked about the freedom that motorcycling brings them and how it makes them happy to just ride.

    I really liked the women GoPro picked out to showcase in the the video. They have a bit of crass—there’s a lot of cussing (The “F” word is one of my personal favorites so I didn’t mind it). The best part of this video, in my opinion, was when one gal started an F-bomb storm after an old lady cut her off (she was apparently totally out of control!) Unfortunately, the video also shows the dangers of riding when one Babe got into an accident with a truck. Sometimes, you take the risks that motorcycling brings because you love it so.

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