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Bash plate resonance

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    Anyone encountered horrible resonance from their bash plate?

    Just installed one and good god the sound is unpleasant… Seems to reflect sound from the engine all over the place then back to the rider. I have a loud pipe but still get the twanging noise and its driving me nuts.

    Im going to try putting rubber washers at the mounting points, but im sceptical this will help as im sure the whole plate is resonating rather than vibrating against the frame… Just needs to be flicked with a finger to produce a twang.

    Drill holes in plate? Pack with a heat resistant foam?

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    I haven’t had it but I have read multiple threads about it, it seems the fix might be different with different bikes. On the DR it’s often recommended to fit foam between the plate and the frame rails.

    • Bike: WR250R

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    Hopefully I’ll report back with some success tonight, I’ll be giving tyre tube rubber a go.

    I think part of the problem is with the manufacturing… I had to really push up the bottom of the plate at the end to be able to get it close enough to fix it to the frame, which will have the metal under a bit of tension exacerbating the problem I guess.

    This is the Zetta plate for a WRR. Seems to be the worst offender in the forums I’ve read, none of which seem to have a unanimous fix for it.

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    Is a Suzuki thing too, had it with the DR800.
    Live with it, it isn’t that bad. Just think, you have protection and that’s what counts.
    Foam is good, high density foam that will not flake, the sort used to insulate sound rooms would be good.

    Why get something that was not so good as per forum and reviews? Was there nothing else?

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