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    I have been planning a trip to the South Island on our bike for some time but have held back because family commitments mean that one or two weeks away is about as much as we want to do and that’s obviously not enough to see and do all I want in the SI. Plus a goodly portion of the available time would be getting there and back from Auckland, not to mention significant costs. It’s much cheaper to fly down and ride when I get there.

    An obvious solution is to hire a bike in CHCH and do loops on each trip. I estimate (happy to have comment on this) that 10 weeks would be enough to see most of the island, touring two up and doing the odd more challenging trip like Mavora or Rainbow, etc. I’ve worked out what that would cost and it’s a fair chunk of change.

    Another option is to buy a bike and store it in CHCH. This has numerous advantages and I reckon it is about cost neutral if I take no more than 2 years to complete the 10 weeks of riding.

    Has anyone done this and if so how did it go? Any profound advice? What did you pay for storage?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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