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BMW g650 xchallenge (because X)

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    Pablo Sosa
    • Rank: 80cc Rider

    thanks for the input.

    BTW I should say not fully standard will still have the real Marzocchi forks (upgraded from stock with DLC), Unifilter air filter, protection parts on frame, rear disc, touratech bash plate, etc etc. So no fairing and regular rear shock.

    3.5k sounds very low sniff 🙁 , personally I’d never buy a DR for the same money as this bike.

    Keeping it? I’d like to but couldn’t afford another bike in that case

    Which other bike: I’ll try a 990. Honestly no bike on the 600cc segment seems to come close to the Xchallenge with perhaps the exception of 690 which also needs work. all the rest are IMHO inferior in frame, suspension, engine, ground clearance, comfort, fuel efficiency, service interval. I know the 990 will probably be too heavy for my skill level but can always be sold 😀

    Motivation: wanted to have a change had this bike for 8 years (previously, had a Dakar too heavy, a Transalp heavy and not as good offroader, and flimsy with all the fairing)

    • Bike: 2102 Husaberg FE570 Rally Australia Bike, 2007 BMW 650 x-Challenge, 2009 Buell XP Ulysses Police Duty (1 of 137)
    • Rank: 800cc Rider


    yep it’s a low price, but us kiwi are tight with our money and it’s not worth much. Overseas you might get more, but not here (and no point shipping it somewhere). So firstly, have you ever ridden a Husaberg? 😉 ?

    Man I love that bike. The only thing worth replacing my xchallenge with. And I ended up paying for another xchallenge in the USA to ride from Canada to Ushuaia now (paid 3000usd fyi, with ohlins, 25000miles, screen, new tyres, custom paint, soft luggage, Seat Concepts seat, and recent shop maintenance of fluids, new pads, chain, sprox…just as a comparison).

    What I would do in your shoes is consider a Husaberg 570. There’s one for sale now in Cantebury and you can get it for a good price, around 7000NZD, possibly he might take 6500 (a steal) and then you spend 400 to register it (easy). Otherwise what about KTM 690? Personally I don’t like them, but they can do the job well.

    As for your Xchallenge, you can sell the extras like ohlins, rally fairing, and even shocks. In fact, I’d be interested in the shocks, like a trade for stock. You could get stock forks and 250bux, several hundred for an ohlins or aftermarket rear shock, and an easy 5-700 for the rally fairing. So that’s about 1200NZD alone, then sell the bike for $3500 and you have 4700 which is good.

    Jason Dowden
    • Rank: 125cc Rider

    Hi Guys

    I have just bought an x-challenge (2007 with 30km, 1 owner NZ new) Only had one decent ride so far (has been bloody cold down here) I’m in Dunedin. Had to pay pretty good money for mine but it had heaps of extras (front tank, rear tank ohlins, progressive front springs, spare rear wheel, several spare tyres pivot pegs, scotoiler etc etc). Have taken the extra tanks off and put original plastic back on. Great fun bike IMO.
    Is there anyone else down this end with one?

    • Town/City: Tauranga
    • Bike: Suzuki DR650 ADV, BMW R100GS
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    Pablo Sosa
    • Rank: 80cc Rider

    that’s correct

    • Bike: 2102 Husaberg FE570 Rally Australia Bike, 2007 BMW 650 x-Challenge, 2009 Buell XP Ulysses Police Duty (1 of 137)
    • Rank: 800cc Rider

    back in the game guys. g650x number threeeeeee! I still love my 570 Husaberg lots more, but for a bike to ride RTW/ADV around the world i still think there’s nothing better for the price you pay for them overseas. show me a comparable bike for 3-4000usd and i bet it will be either a big red pig (honda650), a WR, or a dirty DR or DRZ….zzzzzz

    i outdid myself again, this one bought for 2900usd & 29xxx mileage with the following:
    ohlins rear shock
    marzocchi shiver front forks
    renazco seat
    led aux lighting
    leo vince exhaust
    EMIG Racing damper (sold one of these used for 500usd!)
    flexx bars
    heated grips
    clutch plate bearing mod
    rear rack
    tt bashplate
    2 front beaks
    all aftermarket levers
    good rubber

    Now all i need is to find a riding buddy who prioritises RTW riding and willing to front up cash to chase dreams and off-road magic overseas!

    Glenn Orchard
    • Rank: 50cc Rider

    Hi Guys
    Nice to be part of this group
    Attached a couple of pics of my X….. quite a range of changes/upgrades done of the years
    Iv had a water problem in my dash and not looking good for repair, does anyone know of a wreaked bike I can get the dash from ? Have searched the world without luck and BMW can’t supply new either
    Ride light & Fast

    Rob Defire Brassfield
    • Rank: 250cc Rider

    I read somewhere a guy fixed his by pulling it apart and cleaning the rust off the circuit board. Could be worth a crack?

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