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Box.a.bits R100GS / Velorex 562 sidecar build

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    • Town/City: Wellington
    • Bike: BMW R80 G/S, R100GS & M72 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200
    Rank: 1200cc Rider

    MAINTENANCE – 2nd Jan 19 – 251,289 kms:

    The Clarence River Reserve, from Slidecars in the Top of the South

    Oil changes:
    Changed the:
    – final drive oil, which was filthy. 200 mls retrieved – 260 ml capacity.
    – gearbox oil – the magnetic drain plug had some metallic paste on it, which is in line with my expectations for a rebuilt gearbox & new first gear.
    – engine oils. Didn’t do a filter change. Engine oil was fine (but dirty as expected). Given the engine oil did the long idle at Mackays crossing, I probably should have done the filter as well (but didn’t).

    Been annoyed by the gas consumption, & a stumble just off idle, exacerbated in the hot weather. Tried re-jetting. Noted a while ago that the spark plugs showed lean. Richened up with needle jets & then raising the needle. But that didn’t help (though it showed richer in the plug chops).

    Coming up Ngauranga Gorge, I noted that the Gus sped up if I slightly closed the throttle from WFO, so upped the main jet from 150 to 160. Suddenly all the plug chops were way rich (sooty). Thinking about this, I’ve just been using one fuel tap on, & the plug chops are usually after coming up the gorge, so I think the tap has caused a partial fuel starvation, hence the lean plugs. When I put in the 1.60 main jet I used both fuel taps.

    After a magical mystery trip thru’ needle & main jets, I’m now effectively back to stock jetting: 1.25 turn out on idle mixture, 2.66 needle jet, third clip from the bottom on the needle, 150 main jet.

    Fuel taps:
    Put some of the blame for running out of gas on disintegrating fuel taps straws, so have replaced those with brass ones. However the replaced straws weren’t quite as bad as i’d thought, so quite why we ran out of fuel so early remains a puzzler.

    Thoughts on the rear tyre:
    The Kenda K71 rear is just about dead. Too soft to act as a sidecar tug tyre, both in the sidewall (flex), & also in compound. Probably ideal in the Clarence however. Next up is a choice between using up the Shinko 805, or a Shinko 705, or Conti Escape, or a V Rubber V163… all ‘price is right’ tyres.

    MAINTENANCE – 16 Jan 19:

    Pulled the ICU off & gave it a good clean. The grime was so thick under the dust, it looked like the alloy heat sink had been rattle canned black. Renewed the heat sink paste between the ICU & heatsink.

    The combo of jetting changes back to stock & resetting timing has improved fuel consumption from 10 to 12 to 12.5km/litre. Still not as good as I achieved on the R80 (14kms /litre), but getting there.

    MAINTENANCE – 21st Jan 19 – 252,318 kms:

    Rear Tyre:
    Changed the Kenda out. Well & truly got my moneys worth from that (it was free). 10mm centre tread before the Slidecars went down south. Now zero tread in the centre.

    I was told the Kenda was quite a hard tyre. I didn’t find that. The sidewalls were very flexible. The tyre made a satisfying screech if you locked up the rear (purely by accident of course). Hard to do on a paralever solo, not so hard on a paralever sidecar. One of the few tyres I felt confident I could do a rolling burn out on (but didn’t).

    I’ve now upgraded to a Conti Escape. That was originally fitted to EddieB’s R100GSPD. Should be good & hard by now. Must be a decade since he first got that bike (and changed out that tyre). 5 mm tread depth in the centre. Another preloved tyre, that has seen some life… And the price was right

    Sidecars – hard, preloved, & square just aren’t dirty words any more.


    , I haven’t measured ground clearance yet. I still have too much sag in the front & back – but I’m getting used to it. The forks & rear shock aren’t bottoming out, even over tough terrain.

    Even with the sag, there is way more travel to play with than the R80 had (at either end). The limiting factor wrt ground clearance remains the sidecar frame – I haven’t put the 18″ R1200C wheel on the sidecar yet, as I’ll need to get a new axle made up. A job for some future iteration.

    Comparing the two set ups, Gus has:

    – A far better subframe & link into the chair;
    – A better set up for the seal & when carrying a monkey, in terms of steering effort & comfort, & front end flex;
    – The longer travel is nice to have – especially if on rougher tracks – but there is a price in ‘body roll’ at times;
    – The Paralever set up & gearing is actually a pain. In recent headwinds I was running in 4th. I need higher gearing so I can use the full gearing range, rather than 5th becoming an overdrive on some days.

    Not the precision tool that the R80 mono was on gravel, but a far better tool in other ways. On Gravel it slides nicely to the right, but I still have trouble getting slides going to the left. Partially because the initial input is soaked up in suspension travel, partially because of the lack of weight in the chair (with no monkey), & partially the para-lever back end. It chatters over corrugations, & doesn’t drive into the gravel (stiffen suspension as the shaft tries to climb the crown wheel) when I throttle on like the R80 did.I haven’t tried classic set up adjustments yet to ‘tune’ handling behaviours.

    Tossing up whether I move to a Mono rear end. That would require:
    – extending the existing swing arm I have, &;
    – getting in an extended shaft drive;
    – a new shock.


    Or I could stay with the paralever, &
    – get the R80GS final drive (32:10);
    – get an emerald island drive shaft, to take away the worry of the drive shaft throwing a wobbly.

    Also spendy.

    The advantage of the paralever would be the ease with which a disc to replace the drum brake. It’d be nice to have a better brake back there…

    Until I have decided which way to go, I’m not spending any money on springs.

    • Town/City: Wellington
    • Bike: BMW R80 G/S, R100GS & M72 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200
    Rank: 1200cc Rider

    MAINTENANCE – 7th Mar ’19 – 53,331 kms
    4mm tread on the Conti, so 1mm/1000kms of travel, should be good for at least another 2500 kms to legal tread depth.

    Swapped in the Leo Vince can for the Polished Rockers. More sound, & feels freeer running up the revs, especially in the 3.5-4.0 range. Change the idle mixture screw to 1.5 turns out to reduce the pops & bangs. Also upped the main jet to 160. Now a very nice coffee & cream light tan colour – on the 150 MJ it was a chalky white. Still some crackle on run off, but not offensive.

    The Tonneau cover stitching is starting to come undone, so will need some attention, along with the seat

    MAINTENANCE – 17th Mar ’19:
    The voltmeter LED has been giving unusual readings for the past month or so, indicating low charge at higher RPM when using the headlight. Then when I was commuting to work on Thursday, the alternator stopped charging. I swapped stator frames to one with longer (less worn) brushes. Things appeared to be remedied, but when I took the chair out to commute to work Monday, there was a puff of smoke from under the tank.

    Investigation later that night showed no charge again. I’d put in a 5w 47 ohm resister to replace the 3w alternator exciter bulb, but hadn’t protected it like I’d done with the indicator resisters. I guess vibration had stressed the core wire. I’ve since built a new one epoxy potted in a tube. Don’t expect any more issues there.

    The regulator is a Bosch RE57 salvaged off the RT. The resister was intact, so I’ve clipped that to increase the charge rate.

    Rear Brakes:
    The rear brake light has been sticking on. I’ve lubed pivots & cables to reduce friction & get as much utility from this as possible, for as long as possible. But suspect I’m due for new shoes.

    • Town/City: Wellington
    • Bike: BMW R80 G/S, R100GS & M72 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200
    Rank: 1200cc Rider

    MAINTENANCE 14th Apr ’19:
    Today was supposed to be a full on maintenance day, BUT I got distracted by my wife’s ‘hunni-do’ list in the arvo, so that collapsed a bit.

    I had a few jobs lined up, which I’ll likely now reschedule for the week:

    – Change the grips on the sidecar;
    – Change the RHS forkleg, as this is weeping;
    – Pulling the fuel taps to figure out the mystery of the missing reserve;
    – Figuring out some short term fixes for the Mosko Moto bags.

    Changing the grips:
    I’ve worn the RHS grip thru to the heated grip resisters. I figured that any attempt to use the heating function might result on more warmth than I was looking for.

    These are Oxford Heated Grips, & have worn pretty well – I put these on when I first got Gus in 2010. The LHS grip was damaged when I replaced bars, so has been replaced with a used grip – still in okay condition

    I looked at heated grip replacement options:
    – New Oxford Heated grips are $169 retail – I’ve just splashed out on a set for the Supertanker;
    – Boyds have a RHS grip & heating element for circa $60;
    – I could replace the grip for $29.
    I’ve adopted the last option because I’m cheap, there are some bigger bike related expenses coming, & I prefer the quiet life.

    The old grip was stripped off to expose the heating element. The grip was cut on the inboard side so that the wiring remained in place.

    I wrapped the heating element in self vulcanising tape, so that when I pushed on the new grip, then the heating element remained largely undisturbed. The tape was wound from the inside of the grip out, so that the tape overlaps wouldn’t be picked up as I pushed on the grip.

    The new (Oxford) grip was cut, so that the length of the grip was correct for the throttle. In this instance I cut off the inboard end, so that this would match with the residual from the old grip. I used an old broom handle to support the grip, to allow for a clean cut.

    The new grip was then pushed into place. Unfortunately I didn’t use quite enough glue to allow this to slide on smoothly, which is why the grip isn’t quite even.

    Mosko Moto Bags:
    I bought 35 litre Back Country Panniers in 2014. Those were the 1st generation of these bags. I’ve been using the RHS bag for commuting on the Supertanker, to keep my laptop dry. The UV has faded the cordura, & the PVC has started to delaminate in places.

    The other day I noticed the bag mounts have started to break up. I’ve been running the LHS on the sidecar & the RHS on the Supertanker. These were HDPE plastic, & I note that Mosko Moto has now changed these to nylon filled glass. The deterioration is disappointing. I’ll pop some photos of this up a little later. New mounts are available, but are a bit spendy. I’ll need to give a lot more thought to this, given that the bags themselves are also starting to deteriorate.

    • Town/City: Wellington
    • Bike: BMW R80 G/S, R100GS & M72 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200
    Rank: 1200cc Rider

    MAINTENANCE – 54,778 KMS – 03 May ’19:
    Change the rear tyre to a Shinko 705 – another donated by EddieB. 7.5mm tread depth. The prior tyre did 2460 kms from 5.0mm tread depth – was still legal @2.00mm when I took it off.

    MAINTENANCE – 55,386 KMS – 22 May ’19:
    Engine & Oil filter change. Left the gearbox & final drive oils.

    Swapped the RHS fork leg externals from the SX to EXC, but keep the damper assembly. This is primarily because that fork leg has started to leak & I needed to swap in new bushes & seals. By swapping the EXC leg I get seals that aren’t leaking. Cheap, but if it works…Fork oil is 600 mls of Spectro 5w, 100m air gap, 15 clicks out of rebound & compression.

    Wheel bearings:
    Changed the front wheel bearings (which was a complete pain). At some stage I’ll get John to spin up a spacer to replace the 16005 2RS bearing, which was what had started to fail. The other 2 are 6005 2RS’s, which I’ve packed with more grease to keep the water out. I’ve swapped in new ones because the old ones were so painful to remove I think I munted them.

    Sidecar Wheel Bearings:
    Felt some slop in them, so dropped some new ones in. I’ve packed these with extra grease. The bearings aren’t protected by external seals (just the internal rubber seals they come with).

    • Town/City: Wellington
    • Bike: BMW R80 G/S, R100GS & M72 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200
    Rank: 1200cc Rider

    MAINTENANCE – 2nd Jun ’19
    Coming back from the White Rock ride, the sidecar started to judder as I moved off from a standing start. The clutch wasn’t otherwise slipping, but I thought that the friction lining might be the issue. I continued to commute the sidecar this week, (actually only 3 days at work), though it obviously wasn’t happy

    I hadn’t ever pulled the clutch apart on this particular motor – it orginally came from the bent bike, was in the original R80 mono tug, & had been transferred into Gus. Probably done 25k kms as a sidecar, which I would expect would be fairly hard on a clutch.

    Today I ripped into it, in order to sort this issue out. First surprise was the gearbox oil, which was fairly water contaminated. While the metal filings look worrying, they were really just a paste on the magnet & I’m not too worried about them.

    The second was this sitting on the engine shelf below the clutch bell housing, as I eased the gearbox back

    Once I had the gearbox & clutch pressure plates removed, the friction plate looked like this

    Fortunately just a delimination. The rest of the disc was in spec. Replaced with a new friction disc robbed from the spare motor. This was originally in the G/S & looks it’d been replaced not long before I bought the bike.

    • Town/City: Wellington
    • Bike: BMW R80 G/S, R100GS & M72 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200
    Rank: 1200cc Rider

    Okay, that brings things up to date. Time for another change. I’m replacing the Velorex 562 with a Chang Jiang M72 sidecar, which I’ll mount on Gus.

    This photo is of the vendors G/S mounted to the new chair.

    If you are interested in the Velorex tub, & potentially mounts for an R100GS let me know. Otherwise it’ll be appearing on Trademe shortly.

    Night Falcon
    • Bike: 2012 TRIUMPH Tiger 800XC
    Rank: 400cc Rider

    Video of Box-a-Bits riding up Takapari Road earlier in the year.

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