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    Mario Gregor
    • Location: Wellington
    • Bike: BMW R2100GS 2006
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    Hi guys,
    I have got a little issue with my breaks.

    What is happening is that when you turn the ignition on, the computer does check all the bits in the bike. Usually there is a little whir when computer checks the ABS. Once the check is done, the BREAK FAILURE light blinks once per second and when you start moving it turns off.

    What is happening with my bike that there is NO whir sound and the light flickers on 4 times per second. If I start riding the breaks pretty much don’t work. You have to apply a lot of pressure on the pedal/lever to get some breaking.

    If I hold my ABS button while starting to disable the ABS, that works normally, the BREAK FAILURE is constantly on, to remind me that ABS is out, but breaks works as per usual without the ABS.

    I have checked all the reservoirs for fluid but they are full.

    Any idea what is happening and how could I fix it?

    Any idea much appreciated.



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    • Bike: Suzuki DR650 ADV
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    Have you checked this?

    I think also there’s a sensor on the front disc that can get dirty and cause issues.


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    Have you got the electic servo, if you have this could have failed. I had the same problem on my 2004 R1200GS in the end I had the servo removed but as a side effect lost the ABS. If the problem is the same as I had the brakes will become less and less effective until you do something about it. The cost of a new servo unit was going to be around $4000 I paid $1000 to remove it. The brakes now work fine its just a shame I haven’t got ABS any more

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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