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BusinessNZ wants to price motorcyclists off the road via ACC Levies

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    While searching for something completely unrelated I stumbled across this submission paper by BusinessNZ to ACC regarding motor vehicle and motorcycle levies in particular and includes some interesting data.

    You can access the submission from the Business NZ site here:

    and I’ve also up loaded it below in case it suddenly disappears.

    Aaron Mcewan
    • Town/City: eyrewell
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    thats why we as motorcyclists need to ensure we make our own clear, concise and well worded submissions

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    So, if for no other reason than to start a discussion, why should us bikers be cross subsidised by motorists?

    Well for one thing, I pay car tax and bike tax. I would expect most bikers to do that too, it would be relatively easy to find out if you had access to the information. So I am already paying for some of it. “Not good enough”, the huge majority of car owners that dont also own a bike will say…

    I might say “but car drivers cause all the bike accidents”…but I would be wrong. We are wholly or partly at fault in the majority of accidents, so can’t use that one. Some of the bikers in accidents aren’t licensed….I dont think that helps our case much.

    What are your reasons for not paying our fair share????

    If someones going to come up with a well worded submission, why not start here?

    Just my thoughts

    Hadrian Haine
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    Mmm so do they put account levies on dirt bike? Are we expected to pay for MX injuries as well? Or are these figures soley from injuries sustained on the road by motorcycle riders?

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    This is just the thin edge of the wedge. They want to show that ACC can make money. Probably getting ready to sell it off again. Have you seen the strategically released figures for rugby injuries in the press?. Everyone should be worried as you will end up like the UK, where you pay through the nose to be insured albeit in a different way. Should only have to pay ACC once. To cover your highest risk vehicle anyway.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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