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    After rumours last year of Cagiva coming back as MV Augusta’s off road/adventure brand, MV investor Timur Sardarov has stated Cagiva will be reborn as a range of Sport orientated off road electric motorcycles with a probable first showing at the EICMA show later this year and production models coming to market 12 to 14 months later.

    The new electric Cagivas will use electric motors and batteries and motor supplied from an existing EV components manufacturer although Sardarov wouldn’t say who.

    Far removed from the premium, small batch approach that MV has adhered to, the new electric Cagivas will be mass produced, they will be ‘young and fun’ and, most importantly, ‘accessible’.

    Timur Sardarov stated “Our work spirit is a lot in design and the structure engineering and mechanics. We don’t have internal capabilities to design electrical motor and the battery and its software, not at the beginning for sure.”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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