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Car hitch systems for towing/carrying motorcycles

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    Sometimes you need to get your motorcycle from A to B without riding it, and for some owning a trailer just isn’t practical.

    There’s a few towbar/trailer hitch systems about, I think all of these require the square type heavy duty removable towbar setup, not the traditional bent bit of bar most NZ cars have.

    You can get a carrier to mount across the rear of your vehicle but these are restricted by the weight capacity of your vehicle chassis and the towbar, which is usually under 100kg for most vehicles in New Zealand.

    Other options like this tow hitch system look promising, and you can load the rear wheel on the hitch so your longer-lasting and cheaper front tyre is taking the extra miles.



    This is like a car dolly trailer really, but it solid mounts to the trailer hitch like the others above and the trailer wheels do the turning.

    It looks pretty scary reversing

    You can see the wheels doing their thing in this one

    THere’s also a single wheel version

    Have you seen any other options?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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