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Central and South America 2017…vamanos!

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    So this is ‘part 2’ of a North/Central/South American ride, after part1 was completed earlier this year on my trusty bmw g650x 🙂 The plan is below and I’m up for riding buddies…

    I stopped short of Mexico in August, because I knew the heat would be terrible, or at least terribly uncomfortable for both bike and rider. So my bike is waiting patiently for me, the impatient rider to return to LA and carry on south. I was considering riding Baja and then back to Cali to air freight bike and myself to South America, bypassing central (i’ve been to parts b4)…but the cost and time make that a less favourable option. As for time, I’m departing NZ on the 8th of Feb and returning sometime in June. It’s really no point doing a trip of this magnitude for a short period, and I already know my 4month limit is a little short, but such is life. Anyone interested can organise longer if they choose.

    So the plan is: Ride Baja, a long awaited dream. I have a friend in Cabo Pulmo, so will do some diving/visiting there for a few days, but then back north to the ferry in La Paz and over to ‘mainland mexico’. I really want to focus on South America, so not too keen to spend much time at all in Central, and this also echos the opinions of many riders b4 me. It’s a bit of a hassle getting through all those borders in short order, but the time factor means getting to the Southern Continent is the priority. I’m hoping to get to Panama City in around 10days (doable by bike and with decent riding days/weather). From Panama, the Stahlratte may still be the only option for bike and person to Colombia at 1000USD (ouch). If a ferry is running, it’s cheaper but they are not often reliably going! In an ideal world, I’d get to Colombia early March.

    One trick is weather in Ushuaia/TDF at the bottom. Since it’s southern hemisphere it can get pretty cold in May/June. I was thinking how to get bike and rider south first and ride north, but it may be cost prohibitive to do that. There’s still great riding to be had regardless, and I am looking forward to it all. My spanish is basic, but hopefully it will improve to conversant like it used to be years ago. Main thing is have fun and seek adventure. I ride off-road, but expect this trip to be more touring than enduro. That said, I’m keen for mountain passes and tracks when possible and time/weather permitting! No one is required to travel entirely with me, and I’d be happy with some good company for as little or as long as people wished. For those that don’t know me, I’ve done several overseas trips, and have some decent experience. I’m not an expert rider, but I’m a pretty decent traveler on a budget. I plan to camp or use pousada here and there in order to save money, keep bike/rider safe, and wash up here and there 😉

    Send me a message or get in touch somehow if you might be interested…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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