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Do you track your fuel economy?

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    I do, it can be very handy when you make tuning changes to see what impact they have had on your fuel usage.

    I use for mine

    The DR650


    BMW R80 with Velorex 762 Sidecar


    The Gravel Tourer – Suzuki DL650 Wee-Strom


    Jennifer’s DR250X Djebel


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    It usually just depresses me…

    Removed User

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    No…My wallet and bank balance does that for me.
    When I can’t afford to ride, it has been tracked to excess.

    Aaron Robertson
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    I only track mine on long trips. On the way to kaikoura fully loaded I was getting 17.8 km/l .went up north 2 weeks ago, solo and not so heavy and got 18.5 km/l. My sons 650 got 25km/l on the same trip

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    I was amazed to get 20.5 km/l (4.88l/100km) the other day on my DR650. Running 16/41 gearing. I was carrying a small amount of luggage, and did a mix of seal and gravel.

    With 15/41 gearing I struggle to do better than 18 km/l. Going real silly, I’ve had it as low as 15.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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