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Dodgy DOT Helmets for sale in New Zealand

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    It’s concerning how many helmets are advertised on Facebook Marketplace as being DOT safety standard approved and being sold by sellers that either have no idea of helmet standards in New Zealand, or just don’t care about them.

    The DOT helmet safety standard is not a valid motorcycle helmet standard in New Zealand unless the helmet was manufactured in the USA AND purchased in the USA. Any DOT stickered motorcycle helmet manufactured anywhere else in the world, or sold anywhere else in the world is not considered to meet a valid safety standard in New Zealand.

    See the NZTA website:

    Helmets complying with FMVSS 218 will be marked with the letters ‘DOT’. This standard is only acceptable for motorcycle helmets that have been manufactured and purchased in the United States.

    One of the main reasons for this is that cheap knockoff helmets with a DOT sticker can be bought from overseas suppliers that would never meet any safety standard, and would most likely not protect your head in a motorcycle accident. You can even go onto Ebay or other online marketplaces and just buy a DOT sticker to put on any helmet.

    I am also aware of an Auckland based retailer who is currently selling DOT stickered helmets, along with helmets where at the bottom of the description they state “PS: The helmet does NOT meet any safety standards of any description.”

    Ryan from also did an segment on the DOT standard on Youtube in 2019:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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