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DR 650 compression / cam / jetting / pipe

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    Anyone out there got any ideas on giving the DR a bit more grunt ? Ive done the pipe now with a cycleworks muffler , rejetted the carb with a stage two jet [dynojet] and needle etc. Done the slide mod. Opened up the airbox. Reset the idle mixture screw [which is what anyone would do anyway]. Running on 95 fuel. Well its definately got a few more horsies. More bark off the bottom end and starts and idles beautiful now too. But you can sort of tell that its a very old fashioned lazy donk , great for low speed sort of plonking riding but seems to run out of any sort of top end or even midrange. So was thinking of upping the compression , and maybe a cam of some sort . Any info or ideas or advise is what I’m after. Or advise on where to buy the high com piston kits , cams etc that wont make me have to sell the house to afford them.
    Love the bike though. Its a keeper.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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