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    Jake Maryniak
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    Recently installed new bark busters to my new DR650, and the standard clutch lever ball end hits the side of the bark buster assembly to the point that I can’t fully pull in the clutch. This causes clanking while selecting 1st gear and occasionally the starter button won’t work, since the ignition sequence requires pulling in the clutch while starting. The easy solution is to cut the ball off, but that becomes an issue at wof time. Anyone has any other ideas to solve this? Maybe aftermarket smaller levers around? Can’t move the clutch assembly in due to lack of space on the handle bar. Maybe I cut it off and have a spare I put back up for wof? (too much hassle)


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    I got some bar end spacers off Procycle I think that move the bark busters out 10mm.


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    It sounds like your clutch lever/mirror assembly needs to be moved inwards. This will also give you more leverage on the lever for 1 or 2 finger clutching. Give it a go. Do the same with the brake lever/mirror so it feel even.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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