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DR650 Footpeg lowering brackets

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    Some people find the distance between the footpegs and handlebars on the DR650 a bit too short. The common fix for this is to raise the handlebars using bar risers, however there’s only so high you can go with bar risers and if you are tall that still may not be comfortable when standing while riding.

    The 2nd option is to lower your footpegs. For this you can buy lowering brackets online, though not in NZ, or you can print this handy diagram out and take it to your local friendly engineer who can make them up for you out of some 10mm offcuts. These take the footpegs down and back 25mm. You can’t go straight down 25mm due to brackets on the frame.

    Lowering your footpegs does mean you lose a little bit of ground clearance as the brackets hang lower than the frame rails.

    Diagram courtesy of Fran ‘Nordieboy’.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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