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Europe riding and how to sort

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    Its a dream trip for any biker. Cruising the Alps and Europe on a bike. Here’s some brief but golden points to keep in mind. Feel free to ask any questions, as I only just did this in 2014, 16000kms in 8wks through 17 different countries.

    1. Buying and selling after is ideal and much less money. BUT…its near impossible to do so without hassles or knowing someone in europe. In many cases you may even have to have it in someone elses name and ride with a note from them! If you do buy, the main place where its the least difficult seems to be either Ireland or ENGLAND. Rego and transfer is fairly straightforward in England, and there is a guy based in Ireland that has a business of selling used bikes (for profit) and buying them back when you finish (heavily reduced).

    2. Boarders in EU countries…just a sign and wave goodbye to where u just exited. It’s that easy

    3. Food and expenses including fuel…all fluctuates but average was around 1.65EU per litre. Not too cheap when coming from NZ, so consider the size/economy of the bike you are interested in. Germany and Austria seemed to have the best EU value fuel.

    4. As for type of bike, I rode with mates and mine was best because it was comfortable over long distances day after day. I was on a 660Tenere Yamaha, 2009. The bike was actually loaned/swapped, and that great situation was found on (the HUBB). Can’t recommend that site enough for travel info, help, and even friendly bikers for accommodation, riding buddies, and bike swaps! Cheers again Belgian Tony!

    5. Where to go is subjective, but I appreciated Canazei in Italy being so central to many mountain passes, Croatia, Grossglockner in Austria (tho u have to pay), southeastern France passes, Switzerland is beautiful mountain roads, and I loved loved loved Norway (biased but best).

    6. I was on a bare bones budget, but didn’t suffer too much. I camped in Norway and everywhere I could. Often I was in campgrounds to keep costs down (about 10Eu/night) if I couldn’t find a place to camp for free. The cities were more difficult, but I wasn’t in them much over a night.

    7. Locking panniers gave me peace of mind, but i didn’t feel like it was particularly unsafe at any time. Im a big tough guy though. I left the bike in lots of places, and it was right how i left it when I returned. Also I didn’t pack too much. 2panniers, a small tail drybag, and a tankbag was it. The tankbag was my carry around bag too, cheers touratech. I even had enough room for a day or two of food, and plenty of places to buy.

    8. Don’t go for a flash bike that you are paranoid about. Also go for reliability, since the most important thing is you have a trouble-free or nearly effortless adventure holiday. The jap bikes are more expensive, but do give reliability and easier resale if u buy. A particularly worthwhile bike to look at would be an Aprilia Pegaso (same 660 engine as Tenere), as they are good value. I prefer efi, but up to the individual. Ferry bookings don’t need to be made way in advance. Just a day or two, sometimes not even that. Depends on the route. I literally rolled on to ferries as they were pulling away…not on purpose! So that is doable I guess. GPS is essential or lots of good maps.

    9. I’m sure offroading exists, but my experience showed me that its a long way from central Europe to long remote off-road and gravel riding. There were a few short gravel roads, but I was touring more than ADV riding. Next time it will be the opposite, and I’d head to Macedonia and Eastern Block.

    Any other questions, just ask and happy trails! Oh made a movie hope u like it:

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    For Spain/Andorra/Portugal off road check out these road books:

    I’ve done two 3 month/10,000 mile trips around Europe in cars, plus numerous shorter car and motorcycle trips and Europe is one of the easiest areas to get around where you can do many countries with a minimum of visa hassles.

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