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Expression of interest: a unique Honda XR650R

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    Hi there, I’m new to the forum & NZ, but not new to bikes 😀

    I have a rather unique Honda XR650R that needs a fair bit of describing. And I don’t actually know how much it is worth here in NZ, but it’s value is simply massive. It’s a very special build up. To those in the know, you’ll see the time and expense that went into this project. I’ve never seen a nicer BRP.

    In 2010 I bought a 2006 XR650R while living in the UK. It did a trip a year to Morocco and down through Africa to Dakar etc.. I fell in love with the bike, but it had engine issues being originally used in SM races. So with a brand new engine found, the project then began, and since completion it has about 20 hours on the bike. In no particular order I’ll try to list all the bits and what makes the bike so special. The only bits on the bike that are original are the frame & swing arm, and the slightly scruffy plastics. I’ll be heartbroken to potentially see it go, but due to a dodgy hip I just cannot use it anymore, even though I have just shipped it here from the UK. I have not registered it here, and to do so it needs indicators fitted.

    – A new engine that I purchased from Johnny Campbell racing in the USA. It was crated from the factory when I got it. It does not have the HP stuff, just a new standard engine (with 20 hours on it)
    – Stronger valve springs
    – UK stator which has more juice than the USA ones
    – Stiffer clutch springs
    – Oil level sight line from XRs only
    – Foot peg brace-mod, which fixes a common fault of sheared bolts
    – Custom made triple trees that cost about $1,500
    – CRF450 forks, custom springs/valves for 100kg, and CRF front wheel etc
    – Large 24l tank
    – Fat bars
    – Cycra probend guards
    – Wide pegs
    – Over-sized radiators
    – TM40 pumper carb which utterly transforms the bike
    – Trailtech GPS dash (which is not GPS as you know it, but I really like it)
    – Webbers PDS rear shock, custom sprung/valve worth about $1,600, one of the best shocks you can buy
    – Big Gun Evo exhaust and over-sized headers
    – Bash plate XRs only
    – Case guards XRs only
    – Case-saver (chain guard) XRs only
    – ODI lock on grips
    – Chain and sprockets all have 20 hours on them
    – I will also throw in any spares which includes a new airbox and rear tyre and part-worn front etc..
    – Some brand new indicators off a KTM freeride that I once owned

    What needs done:
    – The dash needs a proper connector wired in.
    – Indicators for NZ registration (I’ll supply new KTM ones, needs relay)
    – For some reason the fuel line has perished, it’s only 3 years old and 20 hours use! I think it’s the ethanol in UK fuel
    – Footpeg circlips, I had to remove them for shipping, and lost the buggers
    – TLC – the plastics are original and a bit tatty, and the cosmetics let it down. All my focus was on “the inside”

    As said, I don’t know how to value this bike. If you are interested please ping me, ideally come and see it and we can discuss a fair value. And if you have a rough idea of value please let me know.

    Old photo’s – I can take detailed ones on request, let me know what you want to see…

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    Great Bike. Don’t know why Honda stopped making the xr650. Rode around Sri Lanka on one.
    Very natural feeling ride.


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