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    Garmin has announced a new GPS aimed straight at the 4×4 overlander market, at this stage it seems aimed at the US market specifically.

    The Overlander has all the usual Garmin features of turn-by-turn navigation, Track and Route support etc but also comes with 10’s of thousands of Points of Interest from the iOverlander website.

    The big feature however is that The Overlander can send and receive text messages via Garmins’ InReach satellite network.

    Once offroad the Overlander can switch to Topo maps and if you want to get really lost or see how knarly the terrain you are crossing is it also includes built-in pitch and roll angle sensors, a barometer, an altimeter and a compass.

    For launch the Garmin Overlander is priced at $700US. You can find out more on the Garmin website.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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