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Goldentyres FTS – Flite Tubeless System

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    Goldentyres have made a tyre with the tube built in.

    Some of the claimed advantages of this is that a FTS tyre can be fitted to a spoked rim because the air is contained within a thick inner tube that is permanently attached to the tyre. According to Goldentyre an FTS tyre can be run at pressures as low as 10.2 psi offroad without the risk of punctures from the rim, and if the FTS tyre is punctured it can be plugged and re-inflated just like a tubeless tyre. Anti-puncture sealants can also be used.

    Another stated advantage is weight. Goldentyre says the weight of an FTS tyre is comparable to a tyre with a 3mm inner tube and is notably lighter than a tyre filled with mousse. In addition, FTS avoids the heat build-up generated by friction between a tyre and inner tube.

    Goldentyre launched its FTS system in March, and FTS versions of the GT723 Rallye Raid and Adventure tyres are exclusively available in the UK through Adventure Spec Distribution, they don’t seem to be available in NZ at this time.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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