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GoPro launches drone and new cameras

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    GoPro has announced a new drone and two updated cameras, with a focus on simplifying its products for the average user.

    The Karma and new Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session cameras were announced on Tuesday, two years after GoPro released its last flagship camera.

    While the focus of the launch was on the new products, the underlying message was about making both its products and software more accessible for the average user.

    The company has teased images of its drone for several months, and it was finally launched at an event in Squaw Valley, California.

    The drone, called Karma, will go on sale in New Zealand on October 24 and it will cost $1300.

    It doesn’t have its own built-in camera and only the new Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session can be attached to it.

    The company designed it to be packed down to fit into a low-profile backpack.

    Karma is flown by a dedicated game-style controller that has a touchscreen and is designed for the average user to use straight out of the box. It has functions such as one for button take-off and landing.

    “It’s so easy to use, a beginner can have fun straight away,” said GoPro founder Nicholas Woodman.

    GoPro’s Hero5 Session camera can be attached to the Karma drone which comes without a camera.

    It features a three-axis camera stabiliser grip that can be detached and used to capture hand-held footage with your GoPro.

    Karma is the company’s first new non-camera product since it launched.

    It can also be purchased together with the Hero5 Black for $1850.

    A three-axis camera stabiliser grip can be detached and used to capture hand-held footage with your GoPro.

    The Karma battery lasts 20 minutes with simple flying. It comes with one battery.


    The new Hero5 Black now has a touchscreen, video stabilisation, voice control and a new design.

    It will go on sale on October 3 in New Zealand and will cost $640.

    Its biggest new feature is video stabilisation, which uses software to smooth out footage and should mean no more bumpy videos.

    It gives a more professional look to video and will be the most tempting reason for many people to upgrade their GoPro.

    The other two new main features – a touchscreen and voice control – are designed to make the camera easier to use.

    The voice control works by saying statements such as “GoPro, take a photo”.

    GoPros are not easy to use and it can take time to learn the menus. These features should make the camera more accessible for first-time users.

    However, voice-activation for gadgets is still a work in progress and only in-hand use will prove if GoPro has made it work for their cameras.

    Other features of the Hero5 Black also indicate GoPro wants the camera to be more simple, and it has borrowed several ideas from the GoPro Hero Session, its smaller, affordable sibling.

    It now has only one main button instead of three, and it doesn’t require a case when used in water under 10m deep.

    The Hero5 Black also features the same black, rubbery look as the Session – finally ditching the familiar silver-and-black finish.

    Woodman said the Hero5 Black was “the GoPro we always wanted to make but it has just taken 14 years to get here”.

    The resolution and frame rates are the same as the previous model but GoPro says it has improved battery life.


    The company’s small, cube-shaped camera has also been updated with video stabilisation.

    The Hero 5 Session goes on sale on October 3 in New Zealand and will cost $510.

    It will also have voice recognition, and it can now take 4K video (up from 1.4K) and 10MP photos (up from 8MP)

    Woodman calls it the “invisible camera”.

    GoPro has simplified its lineup, now only offering two cameras with the Silver model dropping out of the range. Both new cameras will work with all existing attachments.


    The company has updated its software, including bringing its fast-editing app to computers.

    The Quik app is designed to make quick, simple videos – automatically editing it and providing soundtracks and templates.

    This move is part of the company making itself what it calls an “end-to-end storytelling solution” so people capture, edit and share on GoPro products.

    Jake Maryniak

    I have been playing wih DJI Phantom 3 Pro. It shoots in 4K and does 12MP stills. The quality is stunning….

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