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    Built by Rob Shafer aka MX-Rob the Keihin FCR-39 guru the DR650 app contains everything you need to know about the DR650, plus it includes a link to download the DR650 workshop manual.



    Major Bumsaw
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    Hi, IMHO the Kehin carb is a huge amount of cash for little gain. Its a bit of a must have.
    It doesn’t just fit…you will need to machine an adapter or have one made…Cables wont fit straight off.
    Its easy to up-jet and mod the stock Mikuni carb and you will notice very little difference.

    After a while I bored out the Kehin to 41mm, up jetted both the pilot and main to the biggest I can go with smoothest running and good starting hot or cold. From slack memory its a 180 main and 70 pilot.
    The bike cannot possibly suck anymore air in.

    It runs a treat however the air box has to be cut wide open as it wont run without. There is now massive air induction noise when you open her up. Also to allow the motor to breath properly you will need a better muffler. Get rid of the stock stainless one and see the relief as the bike sighs from losing a massive load.
    Don’t forget to grind the header weld as this creates turbulence and turbulence will restrict flow.
    The trade off for the more horses is more noise…..
    39mm Kehin…Better Torque 41mm loose a little torque and gain higher top end power which is not great for the DR as its not a particularly high revving engine being long stroke an all!

    My preference is the 39mm. Had I have known I would have stuck with the Mikuni and saved my cash for the most important stuff like the crappy suspension…….
    The Mikuni has great potential once modded and arguably as good as the Kehin.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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