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    Helmet noise is a common issue for almost all motorcycle riders on all sorts of motorcycles, however with many adventure bikes having minimum body work and the riders using peaked helmets adventure riders can be affected more than most.

    The first thing most riders with excessive noise assume is that their helmet is noisy, but actually most of the time this is a symptom not the cause of the noise.

    Next time you are on a straight section of open road with no traffic try holding your left hand out over by the mirror and move it around, you’ll feel a solid flow of air coming off the mirror going somewhere, which you’ll be able to trace by moving your hand around in and out of that airflow.
    On my DR650 that airflow hits my helmet square on the chin, which of course flows up to the helmet peak.
    You can do the same experiment with air coming off the top and sides of your screen to feel what that air is doing, but in my experience on a number of bikes wind off the mirrors is the main culprit.

    Another test to try , again on a straight section of open road with no traffic, is to stand up on the footpegs while travelling along. Once your head is out of the buffeting air flow from the mirrors and screens you’ll find your helmet is lovely and quiet once in a clean air flow.

    Wearing a peaked helmet can add a physical effect to the noise as that dirty air flows up the helmet and catches the peak, knocking your head around.

    Things like mirror extenders and mirror risers are available to adjust where your mirrors sit, as well as full mirror replacements and that’s where most people should be looking if they want a quieter ride in the helmet.

    There are other things you can do to help reduce helmet noise like fitting a Wind Jammer and we also recommend riders wear earplugs all the time but ultimately adjusting the airflow coming off your mirrors and screen will have the biggest impact.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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