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Hinakura / Admiral Rd Loop, & Castlepoint – 20th Jan 19

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    • Town/City: Wellington
    • Bike: BMW R80 G/S, R100GS & M72 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200
    • Rank: 1200cc Rider

    The ride was advertised on facebook. The posting was from a couple of riders down from the ‘Naki, who were keen to see the sights away from the big city, while their respective wives caned their credit cards. A couple of other riders popped up their head & indicated that they were happy to show them around.

    The Friday weather had been spotless, so I was itching to get out again. And I’d resolved some running issues on the sidecar, so a good test ride was in order. But as the weather forecast showed high winds coming in late Saturday, I thought a short morning ride might be best.

    Saturday morning was overcast & a little gusty. Misty drizzle on the motorway was not quite what I was looking for. Met the guys at Rimutex, KLR500, KTM 1190 & Triumph 800. Collected another F650 at Featherston. Still missing a rider coming down from PNth.

    The ride over the Remutakas was good. A definite change in the weather from low cloud, to hot & sunny on the Featherston side. That’s more like it.

    Gas & coffees at Martinborough at the Village Cafe, heated herb & cheese scone.

    Followed the guys out Hinakura Rd, then attacked the loop. Dave on the KTM proved to be faster in the gravel than I expected given his Shinko 705 tyres. The sidecar was going well, but still isn’t the precision tool in gravel that the R80 was.

    Out to Te Whiti Rd & then right onto Te Wharau Rd

    Stopped for a look at the Kourarua Dam, which suffered some damage during some recent storms. Apparently the spill went down thru the Gladstone School & also caused havoc there. The dam represents Carterton’s former water supply .

    Kaiwhata Rd linking to Homewood Rd thru the forestry. The temperatures were definitely getting up – 25-27 degrees. The road from Homewood Station onward has been recently graded, is quite rolly gravel, & there aren’t any wheel ruts to follow yet. A ton of fun on the sidecar – not so much on the solos.

    Bypassed Riversdale Beach in favour of heading for lunch at Tinui Cafe. I had the big breakfast for lunch, the others the fish, or chicken salads.

    My suggestion of taking in the sights at Packspur Rd were firmly squashed by the majority. Mike has recent memories of a tired KLE taking a couple of lie downs along there…

    An in & out ride to Castlepoint. Fairly big winds down on the lagoon, but also loads of holiday makers enjoying the beach. There may of been a few bikini’s worthy of closer inspection – but of course I didn’t look, dear….

    Given the winds at Castlepoint, I was reminded on what the Remutakas were likely to be like, so made to the decision that I’d head straight back from there. The others agreed. The sidecar led thru to Masterton, gassed at the Mobil, then started the long trudge down SH2. 29 degrees at Masterton, hot…

    Near Featherston Mike noted a vibration on the KLE. Closer inspection saw that the bead was broken on the front tyre. Wobbled up to the Mobil Service Station where we determined that was a tube puncture. Mike earned his scouts snakebike badge repairing that. Eventually I took a hand & replaced the second tube with a spare, & fitted the tyre with my longer tyre lever. All the time the wind was howling thru town, blowing anything not tied down away, & I was wondering what the Remutakas would be like.

    Left Mike to continue refitting his wheel, & took off over the Hill. Caught a Merc AMG part way across – he just would not pull across, even though he knew I was wanting to get thru. Arrogant bugger. I was reasonably happy to have the training wheel fitted. The wind gusts over the deviation were…not appealing.

    The rain finally caught me near Lower Hutt. I couldn’t be bothered stopping, so was mildy damp by the time I made it home.

    Good ride.

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