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husqvarna 2017 fe501

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    just had a chance last weekend to try out the latest husky range,the 501 was superb!!!at 62hp it would be the most horsepower dirtbike i have ridden (dont think stock cr500 makes that much)and at 108kg +fuel lighter than my 07 wrf250.
    the track was a challenging x-country loop on some steep terrain and the 501 shone in those conditions,i put the efi ignition mapping on mellow but didnt use the traction control,being cautious to start with soon turned to laughing at how smooth the motor is and how effortlessly the chassis and suspension coped on the harsh bumps and the brilliant clutch and brakes made the steep downhills easy,this bike lugs right down low like my xr600r and without the brutal efi cough and die hiccup like earlier efi bikes.
    the throttle control is so much smother than previous efi bikes i have ridden,this bike is made to eat up the miles!!!
    i had another ride on the 501 later in the day,and it still confirmed my initial thoughts…..but….this bike does have some serious mumbo and when you are getting tired and a wee bit sloppy at the end of the day it could bite…..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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