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    Hi there just brought a ktm 450 exc, just wondering what insurance companys people are with and if they had any recommendations regards gary

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    Try Golightly Insurance, David Golightly is an avid biker underwritten by Vero and you are covered on the track and they cover your clothing, gear and helmets ect.

    Michael J Breen
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    This is a good subject for all. I started using Protecta Insurance because they covered all our bikes under one policy. When we started with them, they acknowledged that each person could only ride one bike at a time. Th policy was therefore quite cheap and was based on 2 people using 2 bikes at a time with 2 more bikes locked in the garage. In the last few years however, their rates have skyrocketed and the no longer operate the same policy. It used to be that the Ulysseus and BMW owners got the cheapest rates which always puzzled me because on a couple of rides with Ulysseus, I saw some of the scariest riding ever and vowed to safeguard my life by never riding with them again.

    The problem was there were too many different skill levels in their groups and that caused frustration, confusion etc resulting in dangerous passing and unpredictable behaviour. There are levels of performance that we want from insurance companies but the most important would seem to be price and claims behaviour. I haven’t made a bike claim since late 1987 and have been constantly insured since then.

    My wife has never made a claim and has had a bike and license almost 40 years as well. Her latest bike is a new Ducati Scrambler and that costs us around $1500 a year (full cover). Obviously for the last 30 years, we have been subsidizing the claims of other riders. I’m also interested in options but just in case we do ever have a claim; I don’t just want thecheapest; I want a company that is goodto deal with.

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    I’m paying $34 a month for my 990 full cover with Golightly

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    Kiwibike insurance also has a very good rep for price and being excellent in looking after you if the worst happens. I’m switching to them from AMI in the next week or two =)

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    I’m with Swann via Kiwibike. Just remember Kiwibike are brokers, so the insurance is then with another company.

    Having the dubious ability to say I have claimed… Kiwibike were excellent to deal with, and now I’ve been with them… uh, probably since 2007 ish?

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