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    Martin Worswick
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    hi guys,
    i’m new here-is there a meet and greet section anywhere or have i missed it?

    anyway, the ktm

    its not on the on the official list and depending on the specs you can find it either is or isn’t

    i found 2 differing specs, 1 worked out at around 146kw/tonne and the other was about 154/tonne

    i’ve contacted ktm for the official figures but had no response yet.

    does anyone have any credible info/links that may enlighten me?



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    Welcome Martin

    If it’s not on the list then no.

    If it appears to be eligible based on answers you get from KTM then you might be able to get it added to the list, but until it’s on the list it isn’t eligible.

    I notice none of the LC4 models appear on the list, the largest is the 525 RFS motor which I’m surprised is on there as it is.

    We have a specs page on here for Adventure Bikes: https://www.adventureridingnz.co.nz/getting-started/adventure-motorcycle-comparison/

    A lot of people introduce themselves here: https://www.adventureridingnz.co.nz/forums/topic/welcome-to-the-forums/page/4/#post-9530


    Martin Worswick
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    • Rank: 250cc Rider

    thanks for the reply

    i should have reread my post as i meant to ask could it be lams approved but its probably just easier to buy something i know already is,i’ve got my eye on a couple of DR’s on trade me at the moment….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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