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    When I started riding 250 2 strokes and 4 cylinder 4 strokes with sky-high rev limits were the go-to thing. From the mid 90’s all the Japanese manufacturers stopped making them in favour of cheaper-to-produce and friendlier-to-learners single or parallel cylinder 250’s. Now thanks to Kawwasaki it looks like they might make a comeback.

    My GSXR250RR revved to 17,000rpm, and I think that was the lowest of the manufacturers. It was also my first adventure bike, taking me up 90 mile beach among other places.


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    That looks very nice. Great to see them coming back – much like the trend with cars – bike capacity may now go backwards (smaller cc) and “upwards” (relative power) in terms of performance?

    A GSXR250RR on 90 miles beach?! bet you didn’t stick to 100kph… 😉 🙂


    Andrew Thomson
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    Is it wrong to want one?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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