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    I was going to ask @mark-wareham if he has seen this but I see that he has.
    The twin pipes is a little odd?

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    Little rough for the kms, and the pipes are weird.

    Almost a collectors item though. Wouldn’t be a bad choice for someone with a few lazy grand and a bike sized hole in thier shed.

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    Indicators taped up, scratches on side panels. Road tar marks on pipes, bubbling decals (which suggest they have been re-applied or replaced)
    My LC4 adventure never looked as bad as that, and he said he could get $7000 for it? The guy is dreaming.
    IF it has these low kilometres then it has been poorly treated. He could have fixed the cosmetic things and then the photos would look half decent.
    $4200 and the most!

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    First of all he probably is asking a little to much for it and because of that it wont sell, yes it is rare( I have the only NZ new one) but it is going to require a lot of money spent on it to bring it up to a reliable condition. The reason the indicators are taped up is because the rubber has perished and the vibrations break them. The main gearbox shaft will require the bearing replaced unless it got done as a recall in the USA. The water pump seals will require replacing as well as output shaft seal and gear lever seal. Probably better to strip the whole engine down and put a new gasket set and bearings throughout. The carb issue is a little bit of a worry that wont be doing the engine any good.
    I still have the pipes etc for mine as well as a centre stand, I’ve found that if you use your bike for its intended use it does get scratches and heaven forbid tar on it lol.

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    For novelty factor it would be a great buy but after reading a little bit about them on ADVrider there is not much love for them compared to newer options for similar prices.
    Looks like he wants it sold and will keep dropping the price till it reaches what the market will pay.

    Impractical setup, but I like the twin pipes.

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