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    LAMS, the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme, defines what motorcycles you can and cannot ride on New Zealands Learner and Restricted motorcycle licenses.

    Motorcycles up to 250cc

    Motorcycles up to 250cc are LAMS approved by default UNLESS they are specifically listed as a LAMS prohibited motorcycle on the LAMS website, or the motorcycle was manufactured prior to 1960 and has an engine capacity of 660cc or under.

    Motorcycles 251cc to 660cc

    Motorcycles 251cc up to 660cc are NOT LAMS approved by default UNLESS they are specifically listed as a LAMS approved motorcycle on the LAMS website.
    Despite what a seller may claim, if a motorcycle in the 251cc up to 660cc engine capacity range is not specifically listed on the LAMS approved motorcycle list then it is not LAMS approved, even if it otherwise complies with the LAMS scheme requirements.

    The primary criteria for a motorcycle to be LAMS approved is being between 251cc and 660cc, and having a power–to-weight ratio of not more than 150kw per tonne, measured at the flywheel, in stock form.
    If you have a motorcycle that you believe complies and you would like to get it added to the LAMS approved motorcycle list you can request the New Zealand transport Agency to have it added to the list.
    Any motorcycle modified in a way that increases or decreases its power-to-weight ratio is no longer LAMS-compliant, regardless of whether it appears on the list.

    Motorcycles 661cc and over

    Motorcycles 661cc and over cannot be LAMS approved under any circumstances.

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