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Last call for TT2000

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    Hey All,

    Not strictly adventure riding but there is some gravel 😉

    From tt2000.org


    Hi TT Riders,

    As is subtly hinted at in the subject line of this email, registrations for the 2017 TT2000 rally close in seven days.

    To those of you already registered – well done, good planning. Registering for the event is an important step in becoming a TT2000 Finisher. Critical, one might say (and they’d be right).

    To those of you still sitting on the fence – it’s time to jump down, figure out a route, apply for some leave, service your bike and oh yeah – register for the rally!

    Once again, there is precious little time between the close of registrations and the event itself, so we need to order t-shirts, badges etc. as early as possible. Because of the tight timing we are unable to accept late entries, as orders for TT related materials will be placed within 24 hours of the close of registrations.

    With over 70 riders already registered, the TT2000 start at the “Yaldy” in Christchurch is shaping up to be a raucous affair, with old friends catching up and showing off new bikes, TT newbies pacing nervously between their parked bikes and the pub’s toilets, bewildered looking tourists asking for directions to Rotorua and a hassled looking chap with a clipboard chasing stray disclaimer forms.

    And the ride itself is also looking to be another memorable one. Just negotiating the shattered roads that make up a large portion of the upper South Island roading network will be a challenge, even before you start!

    You don’t want to miss all that now, do you?


    Wayne Poll
    TT HQ


    NB I am not an organiser, just someone foolish enough to attempt it on a KLR.

    Andrew Thomson
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    1 x Tenere heading down for it and then some South Island gravel on the way home…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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