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    Russell John Bowden
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    After a year without a bike I’ve finally bought another one, this time in Queenstown and in my desperation to get out and do a decent length ride I’ve bought a one way ticket down and am riding back up starting Wednesday the 15th,

    It was close to a month ago when I decided this is what I’d do, and since committing I’m growing in doubt as to whether or not it will be such a great idea both with the unpleasantness of riding in 0~ degrees but also the likelihood of finding myself on icy tarmac. I’m a confident rider with plenty of tarmac and gravel KM here and overseas but still would rather avoid nasty run ins with ice if I can.

    Can anyone recommend any good gravel or well-sunned roads that will take me in the general direction of North from Queenstown? so far I haven’t even decided if I’ll go West or East coast, if it were summer I’d go west in a heartbeat then cut back in to go up the molesworth road but it’s closed in winter and I think the weather is traditionally worse on the west coast around this time so am quite keen to hear from any local riders with any local info you’ve got!

    Hope to hear back soon!


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    ooo What have you bought?


    • Location: Picton
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    It’s a great idea, you’ll love it.

    Going to get some dodgy shaded corners any direction man. If the forecast is looking grim I’d beeline straight to SH1, otherwise you can’t beat a spin up the West Coast 😉


    Russell John Bowden
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    • Rank: 50cc Rider

    Ah yeah awesome, I’ve bought a 1987 Yamaha XT400. Not quite the sledge hammer reliable DR650 but I expect it will hold up alright, I’ve gone further on worse! Queenstown is looking warm and not-raining for tomorrow, that’s a good start!


    xdodox (R.I.P)
    • Location: Auckland/Ponsonby
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    Respect. I would do it as well. But never did it, so i cant tell you more. But enjoy it and have a safe trip.

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