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    Here’s a new product for R1200GS riders, the MoBed.

    There’s not much information on the Mobed website:

    What is Mobed?

    Mobed is a bed on a motorcycle with a tent. With the Mobed you can sleep on your bike.

    Can the motorcycle fall over with the Mobed on top?

    Motorcycles can easily fall over for obvious reasons. However, they stand relatively safe on a suitable surface on the center stand. The Mobed may be used when the bike stands on a firm surface on the center stand and additionaly fixed with straps.

    What are the advantages of a bed and tent on a motorcycle?

    Car rooftop tents offer the advantage to have a full bed on the road and especially at highway rest stops. The Mobed allows this for motorcyclists. In parking lots or service areas, where normal camping is prohibited or not possible, you can stay over night on the Mobed. This works also in rough terrain as long as you have a solid surface under the bike. Animals and insects do not affect the night due to the increased position on the bike. Last not least using the Mobed, the motorcycle itself is protected and can not be stolen unnoticed.

    To which motorcycles fits the Mobed?

    The current model fits on motorcycles of the BMW “R1200GS Adventure” series from 2006 to 2013 and the BMW “R1200GS” series from 2004 to 2012 with the original Adventure pannier rack.


    David Butler
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    At first I thought it was a leg pull, but it really is for real. I think I’d want training whels or side stays before I would heave my 100kg bulk up into it. I spent 3 weeks riding around Western Oz using an Aussie swag, it was brilliant – and safely solidly on the ground. 🙂


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    Don’t see the point, but want one haha

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