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Moto-Sac saddle drybag system (3x 10lt drybags on a horseshoe soft rack)

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    I’m just putting in a short review with a conclusion to be given after I really test this design in the mountains for 3wks and touring for another 3-5weeks after that in Canada/USA Rockies.

    The brand is not really well known, but I was willing to try them out for roughly $300NZD. The price is great, and the design looked simple and watertight. I’ve only used them on 2 light rides so far, but they are easy to assemble and have a very good build quality. I really like being able to run one tail bag, or two side bags only. Most likely I will run 2 side bags and then a larger drybag on the tail. Incidentally moto-sac offers a separate 32lt drybag you could do this with, but i will be using my own 35lt drybag backpack that will strap into the horseshoe soft rack. The ‘rack’ is simple a very durable horseshoe design meant to go over your bike’s tail and down the sides behind your legs. It’s not noticeable at all, but you do need to find a decent tie down point to loop and tighten the webbing around. My STEGZ PEGZ are an ideal tie-down point. Each bag weaves its webbing on the top and bottom of the bag through heavy duty webbing loops on the horseshoe (making 4 anchor points). It’s not an instant don/doff, but it’s pretty quick and very simple. easy to repair if anything ever broke (stitching) which is unlikely.

    I will add more in the spring after putting the bags through some serious enduro/adv riding but so far I’m impressed at the value and durability for the money. The link below is for a UK ebay dealer but you can find them from Western Australia as I did, also on ebay.com.au

    Moto-Sac soft luggage system

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    Hi, did the company in WA send the bags outside of Australia? I’ve seen them on ebay but it looked like they don’t ship overseas. Thanks.

    Black Betty
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    @octopusenvy I like the look of these. Now that a respectable period of time has passed, do you still have favourable things to say about these saddle bags?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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