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Motorcyles the cure for Auckland's traffic woes

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    The problem with cars is they’re the wrong tool for the job.

    Sure, they keep you dry and you can listen to music but the down side is you lose 288 hours of your life per year (according to TomTom’s 2014 Annual Traffic report), sitting in traffic, stressing out about sitting in traffic.

    What Auckland car drivers don’t realise when they’re stuck in traffic is this – they are the traffic.

    And with 15,000 new cars on Auckland roads every year, it’s only going to get worse. A lot worse. Building new motorways is great, but it won’t cure the fundamental issue – we have too many cars on the road.

    Unless you’ve had your head under a volcanic rock you would have noted the explosion of motorcycles in rush hour traffic.

    Bikes aren’t for everyone, but imagine looking forward to your commute.

    What you won’t have noticed though is the smug smile under the helmet of every single one of them. The smug smile that comes from discovering a secret hundreds of thousands of others have no idea about.

    That secret? A motorcycle will negate every single traffic woe and issue Auckland can throw at you. If we all rode motorcycles there wouldn’t be any congestion, so why isn’t the council looking at this as an option?

    I’m not saying motorcycling is for everyone, far from it. I know people who have no business being within five metres of a bike, but I also know heaps of people who do. The council should be encouraging these guys to give it a nudge. They can do this in a number of ways:

    – Discounts on scooter purchases (start on a scooter and move your way up as your confidence grows)
    – Free rider training
    – More bike parking around the city, carparks and company carparks
    – Let bikes use bus lanes as well as transit lanes

    If we can get 10 per cent of current car users on bikes the whole city would start to unlock. Best of all, these initiatives would cost millions not billions.

    To anyone who has considered buying a bike, but just hasn’t taken that step, picture this – travelling unhindered at 50kmh down transit lanes past standstill traffic, parking outside the front door of your work for free (or anywhere else in the CBD for that matter) and genuinely looking forward to the commute in the morning instead of dreading it.

    Bikes are that good.


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    I’m dry in my wet weather gear, and I listen to music…the rattle of a noisy bike is music to my ears

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