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    I want to put a real ADV unit on the side of my XT660R…
    Along the lines of the unit below but with a better seat along
    the lines of a speedway , offroader type seat.. My 12yo will be the main passinger.. He wants to come on the DB1K next year…
    My last unit was a leaner cargo style unit on the side of a XR250.
    I would like to go with a leaner again but the ADV style is prob to high
    to get enough lean with out making the unit very wide…

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    Hi Pete

    Just stumbled across this build, not a whole lot of info though.


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    Thats a nice rig eddie…
    I have finaly got around to bending up the tubes
    for the main frame… Got to get up to Blen & get the
    sub frame..At a stand still to I get it..
    I’m thinking of trying a seat longways down the car
    like a motor bike seat.. my thinking is .. It would make
    it easyer to stand / move foward/aft/sideways by not
    trapping the passanger into a small area by a cross stye seat…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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