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North island adventure route wanted

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    Hi all,

    So I’ve just started trying to plan a route for my mates 40th birthday. 5 day central N.I starting April 20th. Actually, I’ve started a few times and lost patience/ got distracted and given up a few time too.
    So I’m starting to feel the pressure of getting something sussed out. Ive posted a a question on the GPS part of the forum as I’m having issues…
    To my point, has anyone got a route, and is willing to share it with me, of an epic ride around the middle of the north island. Starting in Tauranga, thinking back roads around Rotoma etc, 42 traverse at some stage, forgotten highway, east cape etc.
    The plan had been at one point to do an organised ride, something like http://www.ktm.com/news/nz/ktm-new-zealand-announces-coast-to-coast-adventure-rallye/ but these rides seem to have come and gone. Its actually quite hard for 2 blokes to organise time off work around wives and kids and getting everything to marry up…
    I reckon there could be a market for some clever bugger to sell routes on file in certain parts of nz. If there is, i can’t find it. This site is the closest I’ve got with its gpx files, but then I’ve still got to join them all together and the parts in between…
    So yeah, if anyones keen to do that, id be most happy to part with a box of beers or some $$
    Cheers (second post, #739 :/) )

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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