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NZ Climate minister considers ban on importing Petrol and Diesel cars

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    As reported on Stuff.co.nz, read the full article here.

    Climate Change Minister James Shaw? wants to see a new petrol and diesel car ban, to kick in at the same time as the United Kingdom’s ban in 2035.

    Shaw, the Green Party co-leader, is concerned about the fate of the UK’s cars after the UK ban, considering most of the world drives on the right. “If we let those into New Zealand, we are stuffed. We will have no chance of being able to reduce our transport emissions, which are the fastest-growing sector,” he said.

    “Transport emissions are the one area where our emissions growth is uncontrolled. In every other sector, including agriculture, emissions are roughly stable and have been for some time – they are high, much higher than they need to be, but at least they have been flat. But transport has just gone up and up and up because we fell in love with the Ford Ranger.”

    There’s no mention of motorcycles in the article and in the UK motorcycles are not included in the 2035 ban so we should be safe for a while yet.

    Read the full article on stuff.co.nz.

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    I really don’t see the UK having enough generation or power distribution of electricity to end the sale of petrol and diesel cars in 9 years and hybrids in 14 years

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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