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ACC launches ‘Motorcycle Awareness Month’

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    Starting in 2017, September is now Motorcycle Awareness Month, ACC has announced.

    In September each year riding begins to really take off. For those who’ve laid their motorcycle up over winter it’s usually when it gets dusted off for the season ahead. For others the warmer temperatures, drier roads and increased daylight inspire longer trips or just more riding in general.

    The usual accompaniment to this uptick in riding, however, is an increase in motorcycle crashes, injuries and fatalities. And this seasonal trend is on top of a general increase in motorcycle-related crashes, deaths and injuries, driven largely by the booming popularity of riding–up 60% in the last decade.

    “There are more motorcycles, and more motorcycle crashes, on the road than ever before,” says MSAC Chair Mark Gilbert. “We are all affected – whether it is as a rider, another road user, or as a friend or family member of a motorcyclist.”

    It’s why ACC has decided, this year, to make September Motorcycle Awareness Month (MAM), with several aims in mind.

    Riders and other road users

    The MAM initiatives planned by ACC, with the support of ourselves and local councils, cover a broad spectrum of road users.

    For riders themselves, ACC’s Ride Forever programme is launching a ‘Get Ride Ready’ promotion. Offering a free 10-point safety check and free Ride Forever coaching, it aims to get both bike and rider in shape for riding. MSAC encourages all riders to take advantage of Ride Forever coaching, and this free offer is a perfect opportunity.

    Also, other road users will be targeted with the message to ‘Look Twice for Bikes’, emphasising how spotting a motorcycle is harder than spotting larger vehicles. And everyone can yellow helmet themselves with the app available at http://www.motorcycleawareness.co.nz. This aims to acts a reminder that bikes can appear unexpectedly, so keep an eye out for them. And, for riders, it demonstrates how bright colours at least have a better chance of being noticed.

    MAM coincides with the Ride Forever NZ Motorcycle Show and will be featured there.

    Ride & Decide

    A major contribution from MSAC is our Ride & Decide initiative, launched to coincide with Motorcycle Awareness Month. Ride and Decide will bring everyone involved in motorcycle safety together to share knowledge and collaborate. We are looking for solutions,” says Mark Gilbert. “We hope that, by bringing influencers and decision-makers into one room, we can start thinking about motorcycle safety as a crucial aspect of road safety. We want to work together to promote greater understanding and better planning for motorcycle safety.”

    Motorcycle Awareness Month has its own webpage, which you can check out here: http://www.motorcycleawareness.co.nz.

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