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    People are always asking me ‘When’s the next ride/drinks night/whatever?’, and my response is always, ‘When are you organising one?’.

    Organising your own event isn’t a big scary job. It’s as simple as choosing a date and time, choosing a meeting point, and for a ride choosing a direction to go in, and then telling people about it in the relevant area topic.
    E.g. ‘Meet on Sunday at 9am at the gas station on x street and we’ll head west.’ or ‘On the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 6 at X pub we’ll get together and meet other riders and discuss potential rides’.

    You don’t have to organise anything big and fancy, fellow riders are happy just to to be getting together for a ride or to talk about riding.

    If you want ideas of where to go for a ride check out our North Island tracks and South Island tracks maps for known/reviewed tracks, or to explore somewhere new check out the All unsealed roads in NZ map.
    Take a gps and a camera along with you and if you find something interesting share it with us.

    After your ride/event is done post a follow up report in your regions event and it will encourage other riders to organise something, and to join in to yours.

    Any community is only as good as the effort it’s members put in, and it shouldn’t rely on the efforts of only a few people.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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