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Polished Rockers – The Return. Sun 3rd Mar

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    • Town/City: Wellington
    • Bike: BMW R80 G/S, R100GS & M72 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200
    • Rank: 1200cc Rider

    A ride / ride out bike show. Held at the Panhead Tasting Rooms, Blenheim St Upper Hutt – Sun 3rd Mar.

    That Gate at the Polished Rockers. Remember the sorting hat in Harry Potter? Well this wasn’t at all like that….

    Classic custom, cool, or just interesting…see the man on the right (the left of this picture). You others – park over there…

    Linda being told where to go….(good luck with that)

    An Nzeta took the best scooter award (Photo shamelessly stolen from Arrowhead Creative). Best Mini moto went to a DKW

    ‘Chrome don’t get you home’ award. The antithesis to the Harley/Indian/Custom chrome brigade. Got my vote for Peoples Favourite – but strangely, didn’t get that award.

    ‘Best of British’ award – Norton CS1

    ‘Best American’ – Henderson

    ‘Best Euro’ – the GT750 Ducati behind the R60

    Charlie got the ‘Artists Choice’ with his R80 Army combo, which I totally failed to photograph… (well, actually, I have his RHS mirror in one picture). So I’ve appropriated one from Sam Scott’s Facebook page

    A green Dnepr took ‘Best Combination’. I see it’s owner keeping a watchful eye in the background…this was even before the crowds arrived

    ‘Best Classic’ went to a Yamaha RD350

    Some more random shots…well Basil was always going to be there…

    Quite a styling change for the plastic maggot

    Can I’ve a go, Mister?

    A bit like TV. In photos it feels like it’d be tall, but in person it was just a wee chappie..

    Might have done better without the exhaust wrap

    If you are going to do a chopper, best to do it in metallic pink

    Always had a soft spot for early Kawasakis…The turbo was in the show, but these were out in the field. There seemed a high number of Kawasaki two strokes in the show too.

    There was heaps more out there that I didn’t just didn’t get around to photographing – either because I got distracted gas bagging, or I was just too damned hot to bother…30+ degrees. A most excellent day for it.

    Vince Vega & The Fox Force Five Band – awesome…

    Those responsible, behind bars, & being held to account…

    and a drone shot to give a sense of perspective (once again stolen from Arrowhead Creatives Facebook page).

    A big shout out to Michael & James for the work that went into organising the day, & all the sponsors for helping it happen.

    Link across to my Facebook photos here
    Link across to my Google photos for the full days photos here
    Link across to the more professional Arrowhead Creative photos here

    ‘Ride in, rock on, roll out’…

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