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    Hi all. Just an update re a windscreen for my R1200GS.

    Picked up a Givi AF330GS screen for my ride the other day. Fitted it last night with no real hassles. The instructions are average, but most kiwi males will only look at them when they get into trouble anyway.

    So its pretty easy to install. There is a bit of a knack when putting in the additional braces that run from the normal screen adjustment screws up to additional holes in the screen. Make sure youve got all the rubber grommets in the screen, then the various plastic fittings where the normal adjustment screws go in.

    So all going to plan I’ll test it out tomorrow.

    Size wise even with the screen at its lowest position, its probably about 5cm higher that the stock OEM screen (which is about 34cm above the ignition key ring on the handlebars). Its certainly wider at the base and the flared sections that allow the handle bars to almost touch at full lock appear to be considerably wider than stock. So this will surely push more air away from the lower arms.

    Screen when its fully up is massively high at approx 50cm above the ignition key slot on the bars.

    So looking forward to the test tomorrow. If anyone wants photos of the install just let me know.

    Safe riding all.



    Glenn Hart
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    Very interested in the results, I find the stock screen just a bit low on my bike.


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    have just bought a 2009 R1200GS and at 190cm tall found the stock screen way too low even on highest setting

    picked up a givi 330 screen and that’s much better but still not quite tall enough….

    4 pics below to show the difference

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