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    • Location: Marlborough
    • Bike: BMW R1200GS
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    Hi all.

    Looking for some feedback from everyone re a replacement screen for my 2009 R1200GS.

    Looking at a Givi AF300 or 330DT. Being 6’4″ the AF330 looks good with it veing adjustable but have read quite a few negative reports. Hence I’m now looking at the Givi 330DT which is about 14cm taller than the original (good for my height) and a little bit wider. Looks a lot nicer as well.

    Anyone give me some good and bad points for either or both of them.

    Certainly appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance.



    The Terror of Taupo
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    I experimented with clear plastic roofing material.
    As they got bigger, they got better!


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    Hi @ajgreen, I have no recommendation for your screen replacement but I’m interested in buying your original R1200GS screen.
    So let me know.




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    This is probably too late for your decision, but maybe next time…
    I’ve fitted an MRA screen purchased from Motorworks in the UK. I’m pretty tall and the screen makes good airflow over my head. No buffeting and pretty quiet.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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