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    Riding in Australia is a common dream for many NZ adventure riders and you can either ship your own bike over or buy a bike there.

    Have you done it, thinking of doing it? which would you do and why.

    If you’ve shipped your bike over what did it cost?


    Ken Wilson
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    I did this in 2010 – a relaxed 6 month trip round the exterior and up the guts. Because I was travelling with a well known NZ cereal manufacturer (and ex-Auckland mayor) we shipped our bikes from Auckland to Sydney using his contacts.

    Great trip – because he and I were working four days a month we would park our bikes up at the end of each month, fly home (Wellly for me), do the work and fly back. Very relaxed.

    My blog is here if you are interested (in fact it is here even if you aren’t interested) : http://kenandhelga.blogspot.com


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    I shipped a bike Aus – NZ a few years ago, a vintage machine bought in Sydney. Actual shipping then was around $400 but add on taxes, fees etc nearer $2k one way. The tax component presumably wouldn’t apply for shipping to and fro.


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    Yes, looking to ship from Melb to Akl one way and so far figuring about 2500nzd landed and rego’d/wof’d after compliance/brake test/maf inspection. Big variable is GST and DUTY (15% and 5% respectively) so the ‘value’ written on documentation is a major factor. Crazy that its more to ship from Oz than USA! BTW this is a light adv bike at 120kg…not a heavy beast at all. Ideally someone racing would have container space, but hard to organise this.

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