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Roadside markers help you tell corner direction at night

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    Here’s some handy info for when night riding, this is taken from the NZ Road Traffic Standards for Rural Roads

    The sharpness of a corner and the corner direction are indicated by colour and spacing of the roadside markers.

    Gentle curves have marker posts more widely spaced whereas for tighter corners the roadside markers are much closer together.

    When looking at roadside markers on corners if the marker is WHITE then the corner goes RIGHT, if the marker is YELLOW the corner goes LEFT.

    The Reflective colours are on the roadside markers on the outside of the curve, with a left turn having 2 Yellow reflective strips and a right turn having a single White reflective strip.

    Of course, none of this replaces riding in a manner that is suitable to the conditions of the road and weather, but it may help make riding at night easier and safer for you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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